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Constipation in Newborns Lock Rss

Hi All

I am a second time mum with a beautiful new baby boy Logan who is going on 6 weeks, I also have a beautiful 8 year old daughter Mikayla.

I had been breatfeeding up until 3 days ago and unfortunately had to go onto formula for my hungry little man. He absolutely loves it and has adjusted well to the teats etc. BUT has been constipated for the past 2 days. He does his normal grunts at feed time but to no avail. The poor little bugger was screaming on and off all day today trying to pass the poo's. He has hardly slept only the 20 minute catnaps all day. I have given him a bath to relax and warm up the tummy, then have massaged all day hoping something will happen for him, given him boiled water which he sculled.

Has anyone else's little bub experienced the same thing during this transitional time... I would appreciate any advice out there.

Kind regards

Shanen NSW, Logan 13.9.05, Mikayla 8 years

Hey Shanen, I've just posted a similar problem under "formula issues" in feeding... Sorry mate, I'm not much help, but I relate to what you're going through, though that's not much consolation. Keep hanging in there. smile

This is an article a friend sent me... some of it obviously doesn't apply to us, but worth a read anyway. Sounds like you're already on the right track.

Constipation in babies
Breastfed babies are hardly ever constipated, although they may not have a bowel motion for several days or up to a week. Even then, their poo will usually be soft. Many babies strain and go red in the face when doing a normal poo. This is not a sign of constipation unless the poo is hard and causes pain and discomfort. True constipation in babies is rare and should always be checked by a doctor. Causes of constipation in babies include:

* Formula too strong - if your baby is bottle-fed, make sure the formula is made up correctly, so that there is not too much formula powder for the amount of water.
* Different formula - changes to the milk formula (especially swapping to 'follow-on' formula or cow's milk).
* Not enough drinks - in warm weather, bottle-fed infants require extra fluid such as cooled, boiled water between formula feeds. Breastfed infants may require more frequent feeds.
* Solids not right for baby - use the correct solid foods for the age of your baby. Be aware that excessive use of legumes (peas, lentils etc) and high fibre cereals are not appropriate for young infants.
* Difficulty passing poo - sometimes a hard poo can cause a little tear or crack in the skin around the anus and this can hurt the baby. The baby seems to know that it hurts to do poo and so 'holds on'. Then the poo becomes even harder and will be more painful to pass.

Treating constipation in babies
Increasing fibre from wholegrain cereals and consuming large quantities of fruit, vegetables and water may not be suitable for an infant with constipation. Follow usual advice from your child health nurse or doctor regarding introduction of solids for infants less than one year. Suggestions to treat constipation in babies include:

* If your baby is bottle-fed, check the formula tin to make sure the formula is being made correctly. Always measure the water first and then add formula powder.
* Offer extra drinks of water.
* Gentle tummy massage can help.
* A warm bath may help the baby's muscles to relax (be prepared for them to poo in the bath).
* Give only those medicines prescribed by your doctor.

Things you should NOT do when a baby is constipated
There are some things you should not do to treat constipation in babies:

* Don't give prune juice - it contains a natural bowel irritant and is not suitable for infants under nine months of age, even when diluted.
* Don't add any form of sugar, malt extract or rice cereal to formula - it will not help the constipation.
* Don't introduce solids before four to six months of age - it's not recommended as a way to treat constipation.

mady, single mum2muffin, 16/08/05 Syd,Ryde,NSW

Thanks Mady & Jodi

I am grateful for your replies.

I actually found in the feeding topic page about similar problems with S26 Gold. Heaps of babies have experienced the same transformation problems, the mums have actually changed them to Karicare Gold and they found success. I too have given the Karicare Gold a go today he has had 4 bottles so far. He done poo's this morning so I was over the moon. He is much more settled, he is having his play after feed, then gives the signs of crying and arching his back, so I have layed him down fully awake and he has dropped off to sleep on his own. He is letting fluffs off every feed which are quite pongy but I can handle that, I am awaiting a poo now the Karicare is in the system. I will keep you posted on the outcome.

Well feed time is drawing near so I will scoot and see you all tomorrow.


Shanen NSW, Logan 13.9.05, Mikayla 8 years

Hi Ladies

Well we have had success so far with the change to Karicare Gold. Yesterday he did 2 poo's was so much more contented, then today he done 3 poo's, slept from 2pm til 5.30pm the again from 7pm and is still asleep now. I know it is no consilation to everyone but I feel we have found the right combination. I really didn't want to try coloxyl drops as I had to take coloxyl and senna tabs after birth and know that the bowel can become lazy if taken too much. Some have success instantly others have to be on them for weeks. I personally didn't want to get his little bowels used to it, but would have used it if need be. As we know all babies are different what works for some doesn't work for others. But I hope that I have helped a few people with suggestions.

Take care all


Shanen NSW, Logan 13.9.05, Mikayla 8 years

Hi Shanen,
Have just found this website and message boards. Hope your LO's constipation has cleared up but if not, try some gripe water. It worked a treat for my little boy who had some constipation around the same age. Also try and give him lots of water which helps with formula feeding.
Good luck.
Cheers, Anna

Anna, Brisbane, Mum to Ed born 16/08/05 and Beth b

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