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shes wants attention Lock Rss

my little one wakes up between 6am or 7am for a feed and after she wants to play and look around. from birth she was always alert and watches everthing. I cant get her to sleep only at lunch time around noon, she will sleep for 2 hours and wake up around 2 pm and again for a next feed then again she wants to play and won't sleep till 8 pm or 9 pm like clock work. Is that ok for babies to be up so long?

She won't sleep on her own i have to rock her to sleep, walk the floor or pat her on her back for her to sleep, is that a bad thing?

i'm finding it really hard for a first time mum!
Hi again
That's the time my bub has his first feed of the day. When I started Jeb on a routine at 6 weeks the base of it was - feed, change nappy, play/cuddles/play gym anything to keep him occupied so from the start of his feed until his next sleep he was up for about 1 and a quarter to 1 and a half hours then put down for a sleep which went for about 2 hours. The better Jeb slept through the day the better he slept at night. You have to teach bubs everything from feeding to sleeping and everything in between.
I also found it hard being a first time mum with very little experience and not many people to call on. I felt very alone and was wondering when the "mummy" was going to kick in so I would feel like I knew something. Some people are lucky and their bubs are naturally good sleepers etc but most I have found need some guidance.
How many and hours between feeds is she doing at the moment?
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