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Red skin? Lock Rss

I have just noticed that my 8 week old daughter has really red skin in the crease behind each knee. I was told to make sure I dried every crease and I am sure I do. But maybe ont enough? It is getting a little hot here the last few days so it could be from sweat. I wipped them and dried them and one side seems to be weeping ever so slightly. Has anyone else had this? Do you know what might cause it and what I can do to treat it?
Hi Carline

I noticed the same thing on my 9 week little girl. She had it in the main creases on her thighs and under her arms!! The shin was peeling and weeping. I was shocked when i found it as I am very particular when drying her. I then figured its caused by her sweating during the day. I cleared the orignial problem with nappy rash cream, lots of fresh air and Curash power. Now at every nappy change I wipe her leg creases dry and under her arms. I put a little curash power on a cotton ball and then apply onto het shin as too much power will go all cakey. Dont stress, my pediatrian and Maternal heath nurse said its nothing to worry about and just keep an eye on it.

My MIL said put Amolin Cream on and it's worked a treat. smile
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