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Needles! (ouch) Lock Rss

Hi eveyone,
Shelby is going for her first lot of needles tomorrow and i'm stressing out that its going to hurt her.
I was just wondering if anyone else has had their needles and how their little ones went, and if you had to give them panadol and if they slept and fed like normal.
She usually sleeps good at night around 6-7 hours then her usual 4 hours after that and i just want to prepare myself for a sleepless night if nessesary.


Lisa,new mum to Shelby 24/08/05, QLD

Hi Lisa

Yes it will hurt her. But when its all over you can give her lots of cuddles. They say to give panadol just before the needles as bubs handles it a bit better. My little girl just had her second lot of needles while she was having her very first cold. Wasnt plesant at all and it did bring tears to my eyes to hear her scream.

When we got home after first set of needles at 10 weeks, i think all she has was a headach and she ran a bit of a temp. I didnt give her any panadol before hand, so when she did have a bit, she fell to sleep for 3 maybe 4 hours.

The person doing the needles will/should tell you all of the side affects and maybe a take home pamphlet which explains the side affects in more detail.

Hope this helps you

Scarlett 4 - Hazellyn 1 - Blake born 29.07.09

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