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needles.. after effects? Lock Rss

does anyone think needles have an after effect on babies? if so how loing do u think it could last. LAtely my bub has become a bad day sleepe and unsettled during the day.. i dontknow if its to do iwth his needles a week ago or just something else? what r ur experiences?

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

When my bub had neddles she got a terrible fever and was crook for about three days, wouldnt sleep the lot. Now a month later she still has a terrible lump on her leg, but mood is fine.

Sam, QLD, Ava 11.08.2005, Michala 11.01.2007

My 9 week old had a fever for a day or two and was very grisly, after her needles. She slept constantly during that time (apart form the grissles), like I would if I was feeling well. It could've been the baby panadol that made her sleep. So at least now I know what to expect next time.
I hope he feels better soon.

Min, NSW, Charlotte 30/8/05

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