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Cradle Cap. Lock Rss

Hi all,
I have a 3mth old son who has cradle cap. It's not too bad but i have to resist picking at it as i'm told this does not help. I have tried using baby oil and olive all, plus brushing his hair with a baby brush but it does not seem to be working. Any mums out there with any advice and what you used to get rid of it?

I know its really common in babies but as his hair is so fine you can really see it. Also i know of 1 other mum who did nothing and her daughter is now 1, still has it but it looks like dandruff when the crusts come off. Thanks for all the help.

Jodie, mum to callum-10.8.05 & matthew-1.03.07

Hi Jodie,
My son had Cradle Cap really bad as a baby and I also tried the baby oil and olive oil but that made it worse for him as he reacted to the baby oil as he got a rash as well, so I went to the chemist and they told me to use "Egozite" its a cradle cap lotion, I had to put it on his scalp twice a day for about 3 days and wasn't allowed to wash it in this time and even before the 3rd day was up it was starting to flake away, and by the 3rd day I washed it out and it all came away it was excellent I would really recommend it as he never got it back again.
He had it really bad too as he also had very fine/fair hair but it looked like he had ginger hair which he didnt' but it was so thick on his scalp. Good luck and I hope this helps.

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