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Is there anyone else out there who thinks the Huggies Little Swimmers Swimpants should come in a smaller size.

So far there are 3 sizes with the smallest starting at 7kg, to fit approx 6mths.

But I dont think i'm the only mother of a baby who loves the water. My 3mth old son loves bath time & especially with the warmer weather we've been having has at least one or two baths a day. I'd love to be able to go swimming at the local pool but cant leave my baby with anyone. The only way he can go in the water is if he's wearing a swim nappy, but unfortunately he's too small for them.

( I understand most babies dont start swimming lessons till around 6mths but it makes things hard if your baby is small or premi)

I have asked huggies if they thinik they will make a smaller size but their response was that there wasn't much of a need.

So please reply to this message if you think there should be a smaller size available.

Jessica, Parramatta, 1yr Girl, 3yr old Boy

I agree

Montanna loves to swim and at the moment has to go nude in my parents pool or in her floating duck so she wont pee or poo in the pool. She is 3 mths old and still in 0000 so there is no way a 7kg will fit her!!!!!! she loves the water Please huggies make them smaller!!!!

hi jessica

we had the same problem, my 4.5mth old is only 6.5kg so the little swimmers dont fit.
so i bought him a pai of "aqua nappies" swimwear from Kmart. the are just like little speedo's but have a lining in them to catch the "nastys" much cuter than little swimmers & so much cheaper, i only paid 10$ & i can keep re-using them. where as u pay 12$ 4 6 nappies.

hope this helps
p.s i think woolworths have them 2
I agree as I was recently looking for smaller ones too. I did find some swim pants in Best and Less in size 000 though. Maybe try them. I think I also saw them in Big W.
I agree a smaller size would be great. We have swimming costmues for Charlotte but I would like to have the little swimmers for under her cosies just in case.
Smallers size like 4kg-7kg would be good.


Min, NSW, Charlotte 30/8/05

we live on the country were temps in summer are always in the late 30's up to 46 degrees for weeks on end. the only way to really cool kids down is to throw them in the local pool. this simmer we have had a baby boom and all the mums in town wish that thiere little ones would be allowed in the local pool, but without little swimmers they can't go in. one accident and the whole pool has to be drained and then cleaned. we have not had any rain for ages and in the current drought refilling the pool would not be possible.

little swimmers in a smaller size would benifit everyone.

i have a 2 year old who begs me every day to go swimming but i have to say know as i can't take my 2 mth old in the pool as well as he only weighs 4 kilos. so i have to put up with a little girl who has a bad temper from not being able to cool down.

we would pay extra for a smaller size, we would buy directly from the company via internet and pay postage - basicallt we would do anything to be able to go swimming as a family.

we do not have a k-mart or big w only an iga in town and have tried to purchase swimming pants over the net. we bought a pair that said from birth but when they arrived they were just smaller than my 2 yr old nickers.

desparate mum could use any advise on where i could purchase swimmer pants for a 4 kilo baby boy over the net.

new to small country town nsw

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