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Can babies on Losec take Gaviscon? Lock Rss

Hi all
I am wondering if Losec can be taken with any other medicines like gaviscon or mylanta?
Also, how does everyone else administer their losec?(My daughter was prescribed the tablets, not the capsules)
Hey lovely lara. When Caleb was on Zantac we were told to never give mylanta at the same time. We were told it is either one of the other. I dont know if Losec is the same but just give your local chemist a call they should be able to tell you. Sorry I cant help with the other as Calebs Zantac was in liquid form. Good Luck.
Hey Janeen

Thanks, i rang the chemist and they said no she cant take both. I thought i should update u on Taylas reflux! We've been going to the chiropracters for about 3 weeks now, and she is starting to improve a little bit. I guess every day is so different though, like last night she just wanted to scream her lungs out for a while- but for days and days in a row she seemed fine. I really dont know what to expect anymore, so i guess i just take it as it comes. I am generally feeling a lot better in myself though, now that she is not so clingy and will play on her mat for a while without screaming! It is so hard being a mother!
Howdy Lara, thanks for the update. It is so hard with a reflux baby and like you said you just have to take it as it comes. I remember hearing from people "Oh he is such a good baby" yer right that is because I havent been game enough to put him down so yes he is happy now but wait until we get home. Caleb even use to smile at our paediatrician and he often said oh look at you, there is really nothing wrong with you is there!! I remember once a lady from my mothers group ringing and Caleb was having a "reflux day" and was just screaming. I only answered the phone as I thought it was my husband. I could hardly hear her but once I did all she could say was am I ringing at a bad timez??!! How do you explain this is just normal and there never really is a good time. I found the constant screaming so draining one day I locked myself in our walk in wardrobe and didnt come out for 2hrs. My husband was so worried he rang my mother for help for both Caleb and me! But on the up side it does get better. We found once he was able to sit and have more body control it is not as bad. Glad to hear you are feeling better as you said it is so hard. Take care!
Lovely lara,

I consider myself quite informative on reflux babies with both of mine being reflux. Losec is best administered twice a day (my little one is on 20mg tablets, 10mg in morning and 10mg at night, breaking tablets in half) each half of the tablet gives about 12hours of relief. I give my little one his at 6am and 6pm. i also break it down in a little hot water and add breatmilk or formula to it and use an eyedropper to administer. After a reflux episode or even after every feed you can give your baby 1ml of mylanta to assist in the break down or prevention of acid coming back up. Also prop their cot up on a 30degree angle.

I tried intant gaviscon and found it didn't work for my two. I stick with mylanta and it works a treat.

Once your little one is having solids, you can add your losec to it and they don't even taste it.

Hope this information is useful.


Nae, Qld, SAHM with DD 7yrs, DS 5yrs & DD 22mths


If you ever need chat or having a bad day you can email me or just need to release all the stress that reflux babies can do you do here is my email address: [email protected]

Nae, Qld, SAHM with DD 7yrs, DS 5yrs & DD 22mths

Hi Renn
Thanks, i will email you sometime soon.
Happy Easter
Lovely lara,

How are things going? It has been awhile since our last posts. Things have settled "a little" here but most of all we are enjoying our little man alot more. Reflux is still the same but you just live with it.

kind regards

Nae, Qld, SAHM with DD 7yrs, DS 5yrs & DD 22mths

Hi Renn

Taylas reflux is a lot better now thanks. Were going to the chiropractor regularly which helps a lot. Now she is 6 months and can sit up the worst of it has gone away. How old is your boy now? Is he sleeping any better? Tayla's sleep is absolutley terrible at the moment. Constant night wakings and 15 mins naps during the day make for a very cranky tired mum
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