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Away from my baby overnight for the first time Lock Rss

Hi all.
I am fast approaching the first time I will be away from my 12 week old, overnight.
I am going to my work conference/ xmas party (even though I am on mat leave) this Friday and Saturday and she will be going to my MILs for the night.
I would prefer her to be staying at home with her dad but he is a very heavy sleeper (has never woken during the night when she does) and also has to start work at 5.30am on the Saturday.
The inlaws love her dearly and I know she will be well cared for but they like to keep her awake for their own amusement and jiggle and rock her when she is overtired rather than being still and letting her go to sleep.
I think I am mainly concerned that when I get home on Saturday afternoon I will have one very tired and unsettled baby to deal with.
How have you other mums coped with the first time?

Min, NSW, Charlotte 30/8/05

i remember the first time i left bubs with anyone other thn my mum. I left him at MIL at 10 am and wasnt due to pick him up till midnight. I cried as we left but then once i was out i wa glad i didn it cause i could forget about it and i had a great time being free. Yes he was a litt;le unsdewttled but a few days back inot rutine and he was back to normal.
I ahve left them at mums over night many times and i just say what i want mum to do, but at MIL i try but she doesnt always listen. I just figure as long as she not hurting them and i ask questions to find out what she did do ( bottle in bed for ash or rock dylan to sleep) so i know the prob when i get home if i have an unsettled bub.
i suggest saying she can stay awake this long and she is learning to self settle so please try not to rock her to sleep. If worse comes to worse, its about 3 days top break those bad habits at most if they form.

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07


I haven't actually left my baby overnight but I have had her looked after in the evening around her bedtime and I know exactly what you mean about parents wanting to keep them awake etc. We have the MIL looking after our 11 week old tonight only for about 3-4 hours but in that time she will have to feed her and put her to bed. I guess we just have to grin and bare it cos they are going to do what they will do and you won't be there to know or see. I have a huge list of things to tell the MIL tonight and I;'m sure that when we get home our little one will prob be wide awake and crying because things haven;t been the same etc.
All I can say is tell her what you want done and how it has to be done. If your baby does get overtired and very cranky she (MIL) will not like it very much either, especially if she is like my baby and just screams uncontrollably.
Good Luck with it and I hope your baby is happy when you get back. Sorry arn;t much of a help smile
Well she made it through fine.
As usual she was a perfect little angel for her Nan and Pop she slept through fed well and only spewed on them once.
When my husband went to pick her up they said they wanted to keep her and we couldnt have her back.... but could they have a snooze before we left because they were a bit tired from sleeping next to her cot all night (they kept checking on her even though she slept through).
And most importantly I only rang to check on her once, although it was very hard to resist calling.
So it all went well even though I missed her dearly and talked about her constantly.

Min, NSW, Charlotte 30/8/05

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