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Chinese Lunar Calendar Lock Rss

does anyone think this works? i looked on it and it was right for my son, and for some other people i know.maybe just coincidence?id love to have a girl next...hehe. heres a link :

have a look n let me know if it came up with the right sex of your bub...


I was always sure I was going to have a boy and then the chinese lunar calender said it would be a boy as well! We also worked out me and my husband and our siblings and they had all been correct.

THEN I HAD A GIRL! Which was absolutly fantastic!

So I guess it doesn't really work for everyone but if you really want a girl I suppose it wouldn;t hurt trying in those months etc. It can't hurt!

A relative of mine consulted the chinese Lunar Calendar when I was pregnant and also checked it for my husbands cousin who was due 2 weeks after me. It was correct on both counts a girl for me and a boy for his cousin.
The calendar has a 100% success rate in our family last from about 15 pregnancies.
But its just a bit of fun...

Min, NSW, Charlotte 30/8/05

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