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Newborn babies & Dogs/puppies Lock Rss

Does anyone have any ideas on newborn babies with dogs/puppies. I am due in mid Jan and our dog will only be 14 months old. He is still a puppy really and is still quite stupid and silly sometimes.

He is a bullmastiff X so he is quite a big dog! I have spent a lot of time training him and he is really well behaved until someone new comes around. He is not aggressive at all which is great. He is just a stupid and clumsy sometimes.

I am concerned about how to introduce him to the baby because he does get so excited.

Any ideas?

Tracey, Kaden & Alydia''''s Mum

Hi Tracey, My baby is 5 weeks old and we have a 7 month old puppy. When we got home from the hospital we took Madison outside to meet "Duke" my husband held duke on his lead while I slowly walked over to him and showed Madi to him, we didn't let him touch her at all, straight after that I took Madison back inside and came out and played with him for 10mins, just to show that I wasn't going to neglect him. Its important to try and give the dog some attention everyday, that way they don't get jelous. You need to control any time the dog has anytime around the baby and not yell if it goes near the baby, this was it won't see the baby as a bad thing. If you have any real concerns I suggest that you get in contact with your vet and they can give you advise.
Best of Luck with your birth and baby!

Sheryl, VIC, 6 yr old & 5 week old

Hi i am wanting to buy a German Shephard to protect our house and family, but have a loving dog at the same time.

I am wanting to bring the baby (Bailey being 8 weeks old) and dog up together so they wont get jelous of each other.

German Shephard's are the most placid dog with children. I have grown up with them all my life. My dad is a dog trainer for the police and would train it to get along with family but have to protect at the same time.

Does anybody think that is a bad idea?

mel, SA, 15mnth old

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