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Teething already? Lock Rss

My little angel is 11 weeks old today, and for the last 2 weeks she has been drooling like there is no tomorrow ( I have to leave her in a bib or she soaks her clothes through) and she chews on anything she can get her hands on.
She constantly has her fingers in her mouth to chew on, and the few times she had chewed on my fingers it has hurt as she is chewing really hard.

I can't see any white bumps under her gums, and she is not crying any more than usual, but she is showing all the same signs as my son did. He didn't get teeth until 4.5 months though, and his teething signs only lasted for a few days.

Could she be teething already?

hi there
my bub was doing this at 12 weeks, i asked my CHN and she told me it could be the teeth moving around in bubs gums, which can be very painful and have the same signs as teething. luke did this for about a week then they went away.
but now he is 5 mths old, he is now properly teething!!!

hope this helps
hi Jamie,
it is usuall for babies at that age to dribble heaps and chew on everything. if they don't have a red gum or you can't see a white spot, then it is just part of there development.

mum of two, NZ.

My son is 8 weeks and it looks like he is teething already. He has little white dots on his gums, he dribbles alot, sucks on everything and has been very cranky for the last 2 weeks. My doctor said that its not teething but they arn't always right.
Im sure babies do not teeth until 5 months but maybe babies are starting to get them earlier.

What are your thoughts?

mel, SA, 15mnth old

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