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Use only disposable nappies?
I only use disposable nappies, but I do have a few cloth nappies which I use for the odd up chuck!

Use real nappies during the day and disposables at night as real nappies not dry enough for the longer sleeps.
I have used disposable nappies from day dot...
I used disposables full time for the first few months as to be honest I never even thought about cloth nappies as I thought they were still the old fashioned ones that needed folding and pinning. I now use modern, fitted pocket nappies during the day and disposables at night.

another one for the disposables column!

I only use disposables. The initial outlay for fitted cloth nappies put me off, not to mention the extra work! Of course cloth would have been a cheaper option after doing the sums, but I'm finding it hard to keep up with my housework as it is, let alone extra washes!

I have tried to use 100% biodegradable nappies, but they always leak, so I now only use Huggies.
Im using only disposables. My DS poos so much I wouldnt be able to keep up with the washing!

Mummy to 3 little goblins

I have a heap of cloth as that is what I wanted to use, but bubs has been so demanding that disposables make life so easy. And she chucks, wees and poos on everything so I can barely keep her clothes washed and dried at the moment let alone nappies. One day I hope to be at that stage though.
I just use disposables as well.

me too,
I'm another one that only uses disposables have never used the cloth nappies

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