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The face rash Lock Rss

i have two previous posts regarding my sons face rash.The rash is on his cheeks.he has several spots,bit red and raised,looks like heat rash.Few weeks back docter gave Miconozole and it made it worse by scalding his face.Leaving it alone for another two weeks has helped the damaged skin to heal.The plunket nurse suggested using paw paw ointment.It has helped with the dry patchy skin caused by miconzole,the rash had also disappeared..Last night i noticed the spots appearing on his cheeks again.Plunket nurse also said that DS (4 months)is teething but he is not drooling alot and i am not sure if the rash is caused by teething.Is it normal for babies to get rash/red spots on cheeks during teething.Please help me out.I am trying to figure out what it is and have been worried over the couple of weeks.Should i just leave it alone.I am really worried.I have been told not to use ointments as it can block the pores making things worse.Any suggestions?Is it ok to apply baby powder with corn starch or just normal baby powder?Docter said it is not excema and said babies tend to get rash at this age and that he will grow out of it,,not much of a help really..

waiting for your replies..
thank you.
My son had a similar rash but it was around his mouth - he got it around the same time he was teething and made worse when he would rub it. i must've bought every cream in the chemist cos it was so bad and so red - some creams helped a bit some made it worse. the gp said to just leave it and was told it would go away but like you i was worried still and didnt believe her. The rash finally started getting better around the 10 month stage - by the time he turned one it was completely gone. now we just make sure we moisturise him using hydraderm cream. The most simple creams i found were the best ie. sorbolene, QV and hydraderm. i bought expensive creams specific to ezcema and they were a waste of money. I know its hard to believe but they do grow out of it eventually. p.s i used corn starch baby powder too! - it didnt work with my son but you can give it a go


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