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Cutting babies nails Lock Rss

Hi, just wondering what is the best way to trim my almost 8 week old bubs nails. They are getting a bit long and im a bit scared to do it. Is it best to do it when he is asleep? Im a first time mum and it freaks me out a little!
im a first time mum also and i was told that if you just bite their nails off its much safer then using nail clippers as they move around to much and could be dangerous....

Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel


i use baby nail clippers and have my hubby do it while she is feeding.
She is relaxed and pre-occupied and doesnt move arms about.

I havent tried it while asleep as she is gets put to bed awake, but I am sure it would work also.
We were told not to bite nails as can cause painful infections. I didn't want to use clippers after another mum in hospital at the same time cut her bubs finger. In the end we got some nail files - it worked really well for DD. Now she is bigger I use the little Tommy Tippee clippers.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi there,

My little boy was born with long finger nails and i was too scared to clip them too, i made his dad do them the first couple of times (less scary) but what i felt works the best for me is biting them or taking them off with your own nails after hes had a bath.I found that they are much softer and easier to take off this way. Good luck!

Connor, 3mths

my son is 7 weeks and ive had to cut his nails like 3 time already i use the baby nail clippers and i do it after his bottle do hes nice and settled and i sit him on my knee and hold the clippers under his nail whilst holding his finger and i sit like that for about 5 seconds (incase he moves) and than cut
its scary but i dont care if it takes a whole day to do 1 hand just dont rush and if bub doesnt want to sit there do it later

Logan 02/02/06 - Sarah 29/05/07

after a bath when they are soft ! u can just bite them off this way u don't need to worry about cuttin their fingers smile
hope all goes well.

Danni, WA,

i tried using clippers and cut my poor girl twice. then i started using a soft nail file, and because she was interested watching the file move she would keep her hand still and watch. made life so easy!

Mumma of 2

I think to the best time to cut baby`s nail is when she`he is sleeping, parents can do it at night with a led built-in nail clippers
, or take the one with glass or spy hole which will be helpful for parents to avoid for cutting their skin. Or you can take the article of best nail clippers on amazon for baby to know more features that you need.

When I was a baby my mom trim my nails while I was asleep so that's probably very good way to do this.
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