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Jolly Jupmers Lock Rss

My daughter is 14 weeks and i took her to a friends house who has twin girls my friend put makiera in the jolly jumper and she loved it so i went and bought one and the giggles that come out of her when she is in it is so funny she has so much fun was just wanting to know about other peoples thoughts on jolly jumpers or their experiences with them



we rent so we cant put a jolly jumper up but we got a jumperoo from fisher price, its the same idea but on a frame and it has an activity bit at the front. you can set it so the lights go off when baby jumps its brilliant and my bubs loves it hes 13 weeks.

nik qld baby boy 11/05

I love the Jolly Jumper, it has definately had it's fair share of usage in my house!

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

Hi my daughter is 10 weeks old and a very active baby, she loves the jolly jumper and seems to be one of the very very few things that keeps her amused. BIG THUMBS UP TO THE JOLLY JUMPER.
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