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Hi Everyone,

Most of the time I use huggies nappies for DS, and they are fantastic, i've never had a problem with them leaking.
My question is, can anybody recommend any other brands? Some weeks our shopping budget is a little lower, so was thinking of still buying huggies for night and outings, but am looking for a cheaper brand to accomodate for those "poorer" weeks we may have.
I bought a packet of babylove nappies and they are just terrible. I;ve used three of them on DS and each time they have leaked very badly.
Any recommendations?
I think you'll find that the mods won't much like you asking people to recommend products made by their competitors; they usually edit your thread for you when they come across mentions of competing products. Just giving you a friendly heads-up smile


Aldi and Woolworths Select are good - huggies are on special at Kmart at the moment for $29.99 a box... we stocked up today!
Thanks for the heads up, i didn't even think of that, being a huggies website and all (duh, lol still suffering baby brain syndrome).
And thanks AvaBelle. I'll check out kmart tomorrow.

EDIT: How come Huggies don't make the big box of nappies for "infant" size? I thought it was just my local coles not having them, but i just looked at the products on here and they don't have them.

[Edited on 06/12/2008]
I used baby love during the day and found them terrible.
I will have a newborn in a few months and im planning going to nappy land to get some nappy's for during the day.

I wouldn't use any other nappy at night than huggies.
How old is your ds?
I found when dd was little I really couldn't use the cheaper nappies as they would always leak.I think I waited till she was eating solids and had more solid poos before the cheap ones would work good.
I'm using mcns this time so hopefully those will be ok.

DS is only 5 weeks, so that would make sense. Babylove nappies just don't seem to contain anything, it went all over ds and all over me. Eew!
I'll try a couple of the no name brands.
Huggies really are worth the extra money, so i may have to find something else to cut back on, because it's just not worth having to bath him, have a shower and change his sheets after every feed/sleep!tongue

Thanks for all the help!
I use Aldi nappies for my DS at night (he uses cloth during the day) and I swear by them. Granted, they're not as cute looking as the Huggies but they do the exact same job and have never leaked overnight.

Aldi nappies are really good, but the Woolworths select are better. I have even used them on ds overnight when I have ran out of huggies. Woolies currently have them on sale 2 boxes for $50 smile great!

I found baby love horrible as well, I went out and brought a box and a big packet of them and found them useless so I sent off an email complaining and they got me to send them a nappy and they sent me a $37 check back =D

I have tried every other brand almost and have found most of them horrible.

I now use Snugglers and Huggies. I love snugglers, they seem hell thinner but they are actually really absorbent, I use these as my night nappies while I'm running out my baby loves. Give Snugglers a go hey. A box is on special at Big W atm

I love huggies but am on a tight budget as well especially over xmas! We have tried Woolworths Select which are fantastic. Not as thick as huggies but definately do the job without leaking. Also tried Snugglers which are good too and cheap.

Huggies are definitely the best nappy brand out there and I always get a box when on special.

I have found the best of the cheaper brands are the Aldi Mamia nappies - never had a single problem with them. I have heard from some people that they are the European equivalent to Huggies. They don't look near as good as Hugs, but work just as good - if not better!

I rand Kimberly Clark once and asked why they didn't have Infant in box sizes and they said it was because most people don't keep their babies in Infant for very long before they move to Crawler. They were right - I only used 2 packets of Infant before I moved DS to Crawler.
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