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Just out of curiosity, how long was everyones bub in newborn size? Our DS was only in them for 2 weeks and then he was too big for them He is now 6 weeks old (he was a big baby right from the start - 4.11kg and 60cm long).
So it kind of worked the other way around for us... we now have a heap of newborn nappies left over.
I have to agree Huggies are the best but like you I to find that some weeks the budget just doesn't go quite that far. I also found baby love horrible, I wasn't very fussed on the snugglers either I found that the woolworths select are good and you can quite often pick them up for 2 boxes for $50.00. Hope that helps.

$200 would buy you enough nappies/wipes/fastners/covers to last you 2 years. (if using terry flat nappies)

per week:
4 loads of washing max.
$.50c 4-8 tablespoons of detergent
$2 for electricity
$2 for water
use the sun to dry.

really cheap, really easy to use, much better for the environment and bubs skin!
have to agree with you on this one OC1246 cloth are so much better and honestly not as hard as most people think - yes you have to wash them but you do the washing anyway - no you dont really have to change them heaps more then disposables and yes they are just as absorbant. DD was in disposables DS is in cloth so I have used both and honestly I love using cloth better for bub he hasnt had a rash and he sleeps all night without leaking when I do (very rarely) put a disposable on him he wakes up soaked. I am using cloth purely for financial reasons and it saves us so much if you think about it $200 would buy what 5ish boxes of nappies that wont last nearly as long as cloth! wow I talk to much lol! BTW Babylove used to give DD a rash the minute i put one on her
I found babylove horrible as well. And yes my baby got rashes from them as well!

I have been using huggies for yrs and now don't really like the sizing. I have my DD in them at night and started using Sorbies from coles which have been really good......

WOW it is really funny that all of you have said woolworths nappies are excellent when i think thay are just crap! my DS always leaks and i would definately not use them over night, huggies are the best, just about to try snugglers though.

i tried woolies select after reading the posts here and i found them great. well they definitely are better then babylove. bub never got any rashes and we never had any leaking episodes(with woolies select). but i prefer huggies anyday....they are the best by far
they are on specials at big w at the moment too. 2 boxes for $66. we stocked up.

I will also add, BabyLove are just terrible and it's the new wiggles print ones. The old stock with no pictures or wiggles on them are great but don't buy the wiggles ones, the tabs are almost overstretched and they just don't fit bub very well at all. I tend to just stock up on huggies now when they come on special. I have also trialled a brand called Supreme Diapers (USA) from Toys R Us and they are also brilliant. Look thin but by golly they bulk up when absorbing moisture and so far no leaks at all. Got on special for $29/box too.


I love huggies usually but as most of you say, it all depends on the budget. I love Aldi as well. Never had a problem and they are cheap too. Woolworths select ones are good also as are the You'll love coles brand. Don't use the Home brand one ( the woolies one) they aren't very good at all. I had a friend who used to use them and they were crap.

As for wipes, love Huggies ones and the only other ones that are pretty much the same are the Aldi wipes!
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