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Weird mark on lip? Lock Rss

Hi there,

I am not sure if anyone can help me with this but I will ask anyway.

My little girl is now 4 weeks old and a couple of weeks ago she developed this red mark on her top lip. She initially had a blister on her lip and the Peadiatrician advised that this was normal and caused by sucking on the bottle so hard. When we got home a week or so later she developed this red mark, just wondering if anyone may have any idea as to what this mark is?????

I am hoping it will go away, some days it is bright red and others it is light. Very weird.


S Brooks, Hobart


Am not sure if I can give you much help on this topic cause what my little girl had on her lip and what your little girl had on hers may be different, but here goes. My little girl developed this red mark on her lip when she went over to the bottle. At first it just looked like a blister, then it was just a red mark, and now it has disappeared, she is 3 weeks. Hers was just caused from the bottle and changing from breastfeeding to bottlefeeding.

Hope this helps
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