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Dummy VS No dummy Lock Rss

I have been given confliting advice in regards to dummies. My DS is 10 weeks old and doesn't use a dummy due to the fact that he gets bored after a minute and spits it out. MIL to be tells me to keep trying because once he starts teething he will 'grind'his teeth if there is no dummy and other people say that its good not to have a dummy. What do you think? Any advice would be good

i think you could go either way. i give my ds a dummy cuz he loves it to comfort suck himself to sleep but i have been told stories as to why i shouldn't! i have also been told its hard to break the habit later but i think if he wont take to it dont force it and if when he is teething he wants it then give it to him then. you will know best!


My DS had one up until 11 weeks and then I took it away because he started to fiddle around with it and would wake up from naps if it had fallen out of his mouth. I also read that if you take it away from them while they're still quite young then they don't actually remember even having one.
Most kids around my sons age now (16 months) still use one and although this is pretty normal, I don't regret my son not using one because I never have to worry about forgetting it when we go out. If your DS isn't interested then it's not really an issue for you guys then, stick to your guns smile


Never heard that one before. My DS has a dummy as he likes to comfort suck, it is not habit forming before 3 months so I plan to get rid of it before then.

He sometimes bawls if he drops it out of his gob which is a pain in the butt, but I wouldn't change it at the mo.

In the end it's a personal preference, so if your DS dosen't need it then why give it. He'll chew on his hand or a teething ring or something when he starts eething, I'd cross that bridge when you come to it.

My 2 cents


my boy has one, when he was 2days old he had a sucking promblem, my midwife told me that if I wanted to try him on a dummy which seemed to really help, he now still has it now and again... which I dont mind... he gets over it after a min and out it goes!
its up to you and your baby ... but I wouldnt force one on them

my daughter is now 2years 4 mths, she was the same with the dummy she never really took to it, i would keep one sterilised just in case but she always spat it out after a few minutes, she has gone through teething, immunisations, sleeps routines and all the normal things just fine without one, she doesn't grind her teeth and im glad she doesnt have one, i will prob buy one or two to keep on hand this time but im not gonna offer unless the baby seems unsettled and nothing else works, the choice is yours, good luck...

Well I got conflicting advice in regards to breast confusion... So I had planned not to use one but bought two anyway and kept them sterlised just in case as I had to use one with my son. My DD hates it but honesly...she uses ME as her dummy and it is too much of a pain to get the boob out, she has a suck for literlly 2min and falls I put her down, she wakes up, another suck for 2 min...put her down... Well, you get the point... LOL

Now this is a real hassle to have to do this REPEATADLY!! Not too much when at home but honestly..she has just not long gone down for a sleep after trying to put her down since 8pm (I only ate 1/4 of my tea because of it). So I force her to have it...she tries to spit it out for a bit, then sucks a little and falls asleep..YAY for me. Poo to anyone who critizes me for it because she doesnt want it but can you imagine my frustration...especially when i am out at a friends house and she just wants to suck for comfort...Come'on I dont think so.

As for breaking the habit...Get a dog..LOL We got a pup when my son was about 2yr old. We couldnt get the dummy away from him but our puppy chewed up his dummy's and he found the results...he didnt care at all and chucked the handles away in the bin himself. That was the end of the dummy's for us.

Teeth grinding too...NEVER heard of that one. I think though sometimes people have circumstances to themselves maybe herself or a family member and this is the way they ressolved the issue so they advise everyone else to do the same but honestly...everyone is an individual and I dont know of many teeth fact, I dont know of any!! Good luck with your decision and stick to your is a very debatable issue. Do what works for you and your baby. ;O) Simone
Thanks for all your help. I've decided to give up on the dummy idea.

Hi there,
It is totally up to the parents usually the mum because she's the one that has to go in every night and put it back in when it falls out! My first 2 had dummies. My eldest really needed it because she had anxiety issues and really needed it to comfort her. We later found out at age 2 why (she was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome). My 2nd took to the dummy very well too. No medical issues but just loved it. I have also heard that dummies can help reduce SIDS because of the sucking action. Babies tend to suck when something is in their mouth hence sending signals to the their brains telling them to continue avoiding SIDS. While you have to go in and constantly put it back in during the night if it falls out, can be annoying but the comfort knowing that they are screaming for it is still good. My 3rd however refused to take a dummy. I tried 4 different types on her and she refused them all. I figuredthat she didn't want one and gave up trying. She happily sleeps without it. As for teething, honestly bub will chew things during the day. They may or may not grind their teeth. My 2nd as I said, had a dummy and she still grinded her teeth with or without the dummy in her mouth. I'd use plenty of bonjela though, much cheaper than dummies especially when they start chewing them, then they become a choking hazard. But honestly, the decision is totally up to you. good luck and all the very best.


I always swore I wouldn't use a dummy with my first child. But I bought one anyway just in case ( it was one of the orthadontic ones) Well second night in hospital, I realised bub was a sucker. He just wanted to suck. So I gave it to him. Absolutely hated it. So in the end I just bought a cheaper "cherry" dummy. They are more bulbous and bub finds them easier to hang onto.

I alos recently saw that coles has the new tommee teepee dummies- the "closer to nature" ones. So it mimics what your nipple is like. I am going to give those a go with this new bub ( due in a couple of weeks) I have already bought the closer to nature breast pump so she won't get confused ( I am mainly breastfeeding but am going to pump to get more milk plus let hubby feed her sometimes)
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