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SAME THING!!! Your story sounds almost identical to mine!! Started the baby bioticd as I was on strong antibiotics and breast feeding!!! Different baby!! Glad to hear everything has improved smile smile
OMG this is the answer I've been looking for! My poor 19 day old howls almost all day from wind/bowel movements & nothing but the breast was consoling her! We tried all the first go to fixes like gripe water, change my diet, burp in between feeds, things to fix overactive letdown & oversupply but nothing was working but now that I saw this post I went straight to the chemist & got babybiotics which is a form of birth probiotics & gave it to her straight away! Its the first time she has slept all day but I think that's simply from exhaustion :/ she was in scn for sepsis on 2 antibiotics for 3.5 days (meant to have been for 5 but she pulled out her cannula & we couldn't get another in) & while we were in hospital she was fine (I was also eating a probiotic yoghurt every morning) but a day after we came home the trouble started & has got worse by the day :/ pray this will fix it tho cos we were getting to breaking point
Hi Suzie and all, I seem to be going through the same. My baby is 7 weeks old born premmie so his adjuster age is 2 weeks (not too sure how that affects). But because he was born premmie, Fiona Stanley Hospital decided to give him antibiotics as a standard procedure for premmies.

Since birth he's been having gas/wind issues like writhing, squirming, grunting.. And it is affecting his sleep. I can hear lots of gurgling in his belly during and after feeds too and no matter how long I burp him for or keep him upright, the gurgling is still there.

I have also tried gripe water, infacol, infants friends, brauer's stomach calm, brauer's colic relief to no success.

I started giving him bioceutical's baby biotics in the last two days and have not noticed any difference yet. I myself take bioceuticals probiotics daily, and am exclusively breastfeeding.

How long does the baby probiotics take to work?
Hi suzieq

We are in exactly the same boat here, ds is nearly 3 months old and screams between feeding with massive gurgles in his belly! Heart breaking!
We have been to a baby chiropractor and naturopath and he has given us some probiotics- that was two weeks ago and still not much improvement. Just wondering how long your little one took to recover? It might then give us some hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel!
Thanks heaps Amelia ????
I could have written this post myself!!!

Our daughter is 4mths old and it's been a nightmare of a journey with her screaming and crying in intense pain since birth and especially at night, needing to be assisted with every bit of wind and poop, baby massages, medications and doctors appointments.

I was given antibiotics prior to being induced after premature water rupture which I blame for all our problems! So angry. I didn't even remember about the antibiotics until a few weeks ago and started giving her baby probiotics, but it didn't make any difference.

On our journey we have had her lip and tongue ties cut, treated thrush in her mouth, had projectile vomiting and told she had reflux, colic like symptoms, prescribed medications for constipation, tried infacol, gripe water and colic calm to help with wind and she also had an e.coli urinary tract infection which took 3 rounds of antibiotics to treat.

After 4mths the only thing that we've dealt to is the urine infection and thrush!! Her guts still gurgle away every night, needing assistance to pass wind and poop as mentioned above. Nothing has helped to relieve her discomfort and we've been up 2-6hrs every night since birth trying to comfort her. She'll only sleep if there's no wind or gurgling going on otherwise she thrashes round like a fish out of water until we've burped it all up. If she hasn't pooped for over a day, she'll stop feeding from me until she's relieved her discomfort.

We have been to chiropractor, naturopath, lactation consultant, doctors, pediatrician, had xrays, ultrasound, cameras down her nose, catheters up her tract etc, - far more than anyone should have to go through let alone a baby (and tired mama!)

Finally went to a specialist in Tauranga yesterday (Ricky Gorringe) who did a whole lot of tests and has diagnosed her with an overgrowth of e.coli bacteria in her intestinal mucous membranes and leaky gut syndrome. Both caused by an overgrowth of bad bacteria taking over after being given antibiotics.

It's only been one day.... but she slept well last night! Did her first yellow poop in 2wks (normally green and sticky) -still had to be assisted tho. Then she fed amazingly today, did another poo all by herself! Burping quickly, and only one tiny spill all day and she's sound asleep.

Ladies!! Look into leaky gut syndrome and consider making the trip to Ricky, he's so thorough and alternative, trying to get to the route of the issue not just masking the issue!

Totally get you and how tired we all are from having to experience what we have!
Thank goodness I found this forum! I was induced and the suppositories over stimulated me, my baby became distressed and there was meconium. He had a little difficulty breathing when he was delivered and ended up with iv antibiotics for 48 hours. I didn’t think anything of it until we got home from hospital and poor bubba cries and screams and thrashes about with legs pulled in, a stomach like a rockmelon, flatulence, hiccups and explosive poo for 12-18 hours solid. He does this during the little bouts of sleep he does manage to get so we’re awake most of the night and he dies it all day. He’s on colic drops but I don’t think it’s colic as he winds quite easily and a lot but still the cramping, he’s in so much pain. Took him to Osteo yesterday and she thinks it’s digestive and gut imbalance/issues from the antibiotics. Will try and get a referral to a specialist. Have got him probiotics. Anything else I should do? How long did it take your babies tummies to come right?
Oh my goodness this post makes me want to kick myself! My waters prematurely ruptured and I ended up positive for group strep b so both baby and I wee pumped with antibiotics I worked in pharmacy and not one time did my brain click I should be starting him on probiotics while this is happening! He’s up every 2 hours at night with a sore gut and come 4-5am it gets to on top of him until he poops then eventually I can get him back down to sleep it’s so sad watching him in pain I really hope the probiotics kick in soon for him! Look forward to reading everyone’s progress
Thought I'd do an update as not many mums come back and let others know how they got on! My original post above is from 2yrs ago, safe to say I survived but it was a hard journey. Feeling for you others having a rough time as well. At 8mths my girl had gotten so bad and couldn't poop or fart still (although no longer green since we saw the specialist at 4mths) so she ended up having a colonoscopy, which ruled at chrones and a few others. For some magical reason the procedure opened things up and she pooped on her own there after. But her gut wrenching screaming, wind and waking all night continued and i was at breaking point on her first bday with up to 12 wakings and several hours up each night. In our anguish one night we searched online and came across SIBO and an Auckland specialist Sharon. Our life saver. At 12mths we went for a comprehensive check up and she took a stool sample to test and the results were the worst she'd seen let alone in a baby. The gut bacterial overgrowths and imbalances were mental and was preventing digestion and causing excessive wind. She put her onto a special antibiotic to knock the bacteria back then gave us all these natural herbs and a strict diet to follow to support for bacterial growth. We saw results within a few days. We carried on and got back down to 4-6 wakings a night and a much happier girl, then at 1.5yrs started giving her boiled up beef bone broth with her milk/juice as its one of the best gut healers. And results were almost instant! Down to 2-3 wakings, lots less gas...and if we skipped a day on broth we would later pay for it. We have continued giving her broth every day until recently as her gut has finally sorted itself at 2.5yrs old! She finally sleeps heavily, still stirs or wakes 1 time most nights but just for water etc, and can eat any foods without any issues. She's only slept 8 times through in her life but it's those things you learn to celebrate wink My advice.... You're the mum, you know your kid best. Doctors all to easily label these gut issues as constipation, colic or reflux. Find a specialist, research benefits of bone broth and SIBO, and hang in there. It's a long ride but worth it in the end. Xx
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