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Is it normal not to enjoy motherhood in the early days? Lock Rss

My 2 cents worth..

My Son is nearly 5 weeks old and Im only now just starting to enjoy it..

When I gave birth to him I cried because he was crying and said I didnt want him and that some other family would be better off..
Everytime for the first week or so I cried every time he cried! I was sore after 35hrs in labor and tired and felt I had no time to sleep and not to mention it took nearly 2 weeks for my milk to come in and it wasnt untill 5 days after my son was born that the midwives said to formula feed him until my milk came in.. So I had a very hungry baby and a very tired sore and swollen me!

It does get better, When they start to smile and sleep a little longer and start making new noises it does start to become rewarding!

*hugs* Chin up things will be ok! Just make sure you have some support from friends and family.. And also remember there is no harm in asking for help!

Thank god I found this post!! My baby boy is 9 days old and My husband has taken to being a Dad quite naturally but Im really struggling to feel relaxed at all, even when he is asleep. I am still recovering from quite a traumatic birth but I was starting to worry that these feelings weren't right...
I really dont like changing nappies and giving my son a bottle isnt the most exciting this Ive ever done and I can't just stare at him sleeping for hours like ive heard other Mums talk about. This is a completely different world to me now and Im still deciding if I like it or not....
Glad to know that Im not the only one to feel like this and that it will get better

Due July 24th 2009

Motherhood is the most demanding full-time job. We often miss joys of spending time in the early days Raising a child is not an easy task parent always need the support of friends and family to do it rightly Abudo online program will give you everything about newborn care guidelines.
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