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She hates tummy time Lock Rss

I have been trying to encourage my 7week old DD to have tummy time. She hates it and only stays on her stomach for maybe 3mins before screaming and carrying on. Today i thought we did better with 5mins.

But onto of it all she throws up everytime, today i waited 1hr after feeding before we tried tummy time and she still threw up.

Am worried bout her development with crawling if she utterly refuses tummy time.

Anyone else had this prob?

Hi Meaghan,

I haven't had this issue personally. My son never minded tummy time at all.

But my god son hated it!!! He would literally go hysterical as soon as he put on his stomach. So after a few weeks of trying my friend just gave up. She tried every now and then but he always hated it. In saying that, he still crawled and walked at a relatively "normal" age so I don't think it impacted him too much.

In my Baby Love book (well known resource and godsend for new mummies!) it says not to stress out too much about tummy time as if your baby hates it they will only hate it more if left to scream on their stomach. The writer, Robyn Baker (a midwife) says it rarely has a huge negative impact.

Hope that helps a little

Hi! My baby has the opposite problem. he loves being on his tummy and hates being on his back... not good news when it comes to bed time. Perhaps you could try sitting on the sofa and putting your baby laying on her stomach across your legs and rest her head on a pillow laid next to you. not too sure how that goes with the sids guidelines but if your always watching her I dont see a problem. I do this with my baby when he has tummy pains so perhaps it will help prevent spit up too.
Finding the right time for happy tummy time can be hard. At 7 weeks of age bubs should only be awake for between 1 hour and and hour and a half.

Tummy time is best not done on a full tummy (as you've discovered).
Tummy time should not be done when bubs is tired.

So with only a window of an hour to an hour an a half this is hard to organise.

First thing, don't stress. And a few minutes is quite fine at this age.

1. Try tummy time on the floor with you down on her level playing
2. Offer tummy time on the change matt so that you are up at his/her level
3. Tummy time on your tummy in a reclined position is good. Bub is close to you (and happy with that usually), and still gives bub the opportunity to look up and around and do what I call the turtle.
4. Tummy time across your legs with you patting bubs back might also be an option.

Most important thing is that bub isn't tired, or hungry because he/she will be in a bad mood anyway.

Not sure if this is much help but I guess the most important thing is not to stress too much.
Hey everyone
Thanks so much for all ur help, i tried each suggestion and now its not quite so bad.

Gettin down on her level helped out heaps. She hates tummy time so much it taught her how to roll over, now keepin her on her tummy is the drama lol.

She is now 11 weeks old and has been rolling for 2weeks, as soon as she is put down on her tummy she rolls straight over.

Thanks again for all your help ladies!!

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