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Baby Number 2... Lock Rss

Hello All,

I am currently enjoying motherhood for a second time. I have a 20 month old daughter and a 22 day old son. I an finding second time motherhood such a wonderful experience and was wondering if it was the same for other second time mum's out there?

I spent so much time stressing when I was pregnant with number 2, wondering how I would cope with 2 little ones under the age of 2. But everything jut seems to be falling into place. It might take a lot longer to get things done... but so what! I am having the best time!

Would love to hear from other second time mum's...


Hey Michelle,
It's Nush here, glad that things are going well for you.
I haven't been online in a while because we were having huge problems with our internet connection but I'm back now ( i hope!!!)
Ella is doing so well, she is a beautiful baby and Caitlin just adores her so much. She's 3 1/2 weeks old now, it is going so quick already. She is sleeping at night from 9pm till about 3am most nights so I'm loving that. How's your little man's routine?
Caitlin is turning 4 tomorrow YAY!!!! The only hard part of having 2 kids is making sure I spend enough time with Caitlin so she doesn't feel left out. Every morning when Ella goes for her nap I do something special with her like painting or going for a walk to the park etc and this is working out well. then when I am busy with Ella she plays ok on her own and doesn't get too sad.
There is no jealoust issues so I'm very happy about that.
Anyway hope to hear from you soon
Nush xxx

Nush,Qld mum to Caitlin(18/8/00)and Ella(24/7/04)

Hi Nush,

Happy Birthday to Caitlin... how exciting to be 4! I hope you are having a great day together.

Things are going really well for us and just like with you there are no jealousy issues here between Madeleine (20 months) and William (3 1/2 weeks). Madeleine loves William to bits and wants to cuddle him all the time! She loves to watch him have a bath and she loves to help me with his nappy changes. She has been a great big sister. I could not have hoped for better.

William sleeps great most of the time, but the last few nights he has been waking about every 3 hours for a feed, so I am wondering if we are going through out first growth spurt? We are headed off to the doctors next week for our 0-4 weeks check up, so we'll see how the growth and weight gain is going.

When William is asleep I make an effort to spend time with Madeleine, even if it is just to sit and have a meal together, read a book or watch Hi-5 together... we are a funny pair dancing around the loungeroon to Hi-5! I try include Madeleine in everything I do with William, but Madeleine is often happy to go and play on her own as well.

Having 2 little ones has been much easier than I thought it would be.

I am so happy to hear that things are going well for you with Caitlin and Ella. I look forward to chatting with you much more soon.


P.S. When is Ella's birthday? William's is 26th July.
Hi Michelle
I felt the same during my pregnancy, but am also finding things easier than expected. The only time things are really a problem is if both of them are upset at once, or if George is doing something I would rather he didn't when I am in the middle of a feed.
I think I am spending more time with George now than when I was pregnant, probably because I am not feeling unwell all the time!
Ian is starting to develop a personality, he seems a little less extrovert than George, will be interesting to see how they both develop.
Must be off, George needs more cows milk and Ian is waking up. Looks like I'll have to turn the TV on to keep G occupied while Ian fills up at the tanker!

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

Hey Michelle,
It sounds like you are having a great time with your 2 kids, that's awesome.
Ella was born on the 24th of July. 2 days before William hey, cool! I know what you mean about having to feed more at the moment. There's some times of the day where it's just nonstop for Ella, I'll fill her up then burp her and then she goes back for more!!!! She has a great appetite at the moment. I haven't taken her for her checkup yet but I'm sure she has gotten heavier as well as longer. She is doing really well and I am so relaxed with her. Baby number 2 is so much easier.
Caitlin had a great time on her birthday. It was her kindy day so she went and had a party there and had a ball then we had a family dinner together at night. She was so happy all day, it was great. We got her a fish and she loves having him in her room, she watches him swim around and talks to him, it's so cute!!!!
We are having a party with family and freinds at home tomorrow and I have the pass the parcel made up ready and all the yummy party treats. I can't wait to see her having a great time with all her frends, she has been so good with Ella, she deserves to have a special day.
Well that's all for now, can't wait to hear from you again.
Oh by the way do you hav an email address because if you want we can email each other instead, it might be easier. Mine is:
[email protected] if you want it.
Till next time take care Nushxxx

Nush,Qld mum to Caitlin(18/8/00)and Ella(24/7/04)

Hi Nush,

I have sent you an e-mail... hope to hear from you soon!

Michelle smile

Hi Michelle and all the other 2nd time mums,

I'm loving being a new mum again. My two boys are both doing great and I don't find it hard at all. I think I had a few stressed days when I first came home but think it was mainly due to sleep deprivation. I'm still sleep deprived but must be more used to it now!

I found that I have got back into a routine pretty quickly and I love spending time with my older son (something I didn't get to do as much when I was working full time). Even though I try and spend quality time with him, I sometimes feel I should be more creative with our time together but I guess that may come with time.

I love my new little man as well. He is such a good baby and is giving me the most gorgeous smiles and giggles. I do everything in my power to get them out of him so I end up sounding a bit mad (especially in the shopping centre) as I try and coax those lovely gummy smiles from him.

I would love a third child too but will have to see if I can have one as both of my boys are through IVF so am not sure whether we will be able to experience another child yet.

Anyway, good luck.

Hi Michelle,

Glad to hear all is well with you and your household! Well, it is great having 2 kiddies isn't it....twice the fun!! It is amazing how it all just works out!

Well, after saying to you that I don't know how I would cope with 2 under 2...look at has come round to bite me in the bum!! I will only have 19 months apart (almost exactly is this one comes on time!) with my 2nd and 3rd and am just wondering how it will all go! Gabe will be at preschool 3 days a week so it will give me a break there but....oh!! I know it will all work out! Well, that'll teach me!

Sorry haven't court up with you yet...going through the so tired, exhausted and feeling nauseous thing at the moment!!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

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