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baby play Lock Rss

This may sound odd but i want to know how you guys engage and play with your newborns. I have a wonderful 7 week old but never having been around children i have trouble knowing what to do with him. I end up feeling silly as i talk to him about absolutely nothing, any hints?
Hi Kay,

Things we used to do include "the bicycle" (moving their legs in a bicycle motion.. great for moving wind wink) the frog )moving their legs up to their hips and down again... as well as baby massages. What about reading him a book.. or singing (hes got gonna tell on you if you sound terrible) The tongue copying also catches on really quickly too. Babies love to immitate.

Just a few suggestions... have fun!!

Mel and bubba Jaimee


I just talk to my bubabout anything and everything, i copy the things that she does and then she copies me, i play with her feet and leggs, hands, arms, just try whatever you want ans stick with the things that he/she seems to enjoy. I even have conversations with mine now it goes something like this

me: hello hello hello
bub: guugghhhhhh
me:how are you
bub: guuuhhhhgghhhhh guughhg

lol, at least i know she is trying to communicate with me;)

Good luck

Tiddles, Vic, 3/1/2006 dd

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