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Constipation Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

I've been told that breastfed babies don't get constipated but I'm wondering if that is actually true?

My baby son only ever had bowel movements every 5 - 6 days for the first 8 weeks, then it went pretty much to daily.

When he was daily, he seemed much happier and settled. Then he had an episode where he didn't go for 6 days and was really unsettled from day 4 or 5 until he finally went.

Now he hasn't gone for 6 days again and is really unsettled during feeds, is taking longer to settle etc.

Any suggestions on how I can get him to go? All the doctors etc. that I have spoken to have said that it is all normal and nothing to worry about but it must be worrying him because otherwise it wouldn't affect him so much.

Any help or advise would be appreciated.


Hi Yvette,

Actually it's never happened to me, but seeing as he is totally breastfed, have you tried changing your diet? I think lots of fresh fruit and veg is good for constipation,....i think taking psyillum husks is also probably eat this way anyway, or have tried it, but I thought I'd just check.

If it's any encouragement to you, Julia probably only does about 1 dirty nappy a day, and is fully breastfed, but Naomi was fully breastfed too, and she seemed to have a dirty nappy after every feed! So I guess it shows that babys can be quite different to each other....'

anyway, hope i've given you some help,

Hi Georgina,

Thanks. Would you believe he went today! He is sooo much happier now. I have tried changing my diet and although it is keeping me nice and regular, hasn't had any affect on him. Sigh!

Oh well. Will keep on it and see how we go over the next few weeks.


Thought you'd probably tried changing your diet already.....I wonder if there's something you can give him to make him more regular? I'll keep my eyes and ears open for you.....hope he stays happy.....just think,...another few months and we can start solids....yay!

I just can't wait for the time when Julia will eat the same as the rest of the family! and crawl, and walk, and.........LOL!

Hope things improve for you....have you tried speaking to your early childhood centre about it?

My first would only have a dirty nappy when breastfed every 10 days - and boy did everyone know it - as a nappy was not enough to contain it. It always entailed a complete change of clothes as well as nappy. She was always unsettled for a day or so before hand. With my second, she would go after every feed. As long as they are going, and have plenty of wet nappies, I was told there was nothing to be worried about.

Good luck

mum to 2 girls

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