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nesting n labour Lock Rss

hi ladies i know this isnt the right place but i figure you have all gone through it.... how long after you started nesting to bubs make its big entrance???



Hi, it could be anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of days. It's different for everyone and some don't even go through the nesting phase. I certainly wouldn't be using this as a guide to labour smile
I never went through the nesting phase. Actually I never had any typical labour signs.
i never really nested i done my normal house clean the day before because we were having people over that night. But the next day i think we just done the usual and i started labour that night i think i "nested" once i finished work you know washed baby clothes sheets etc i kept thinking i had plenty of time lol


I didn't nest the first time and I'm not nesting this 2nd time either!! Don't feel the urge that a lot of women seem to have.

Sometimes I thought it would be handy to want to nest but it's also really important to rest aswell.
It was about 2 weeks for me. I really started to clean clean clean non stop, then a few weeks later my bubs arrived! It was actually really crazy. I wouldn't sit down. Everything had to be clean and perfect.
I nested for at least a month before all four of my kids. It was all different types of things too!
With my eldest son (now 4yrs), everything had be soaked in napisan...and I mean EVERYTHING!
with my daughter (now 3yrs), I became addicted to using Jiff
with my middle son (now 2yrs), I swept all day

With my youngest son, we had already bought a cleaning business, and I worked up until the day before he was all my clients benefited from my nesting! lol

hi I started cleaning one day and was still at it until 3 in the morning, went into hospital the next arvo as hadnt felt baby, as they were monitering me I went into labour.
I just had my third.. and i never nested with any of them, just the normal everyday housework
i hate house work at best of times so i didnt nest with first 2 im sure wont with this 1 either o will just make sure my bags are ready lol

With DS1 I had a full out day where I cleaned everything, even rearranged bedrooms (Probably not the best idea when heavily pregnant) and had him 1 week later, with DS2 I didn't nest at all, and though ppl say I was probably too busy with No.1 to, I didn't have the urge that I really wanted to do it and do it now, like I did with DS1.

Good luck!

about two weeks but never cleaned. had this sudden urge to buy a different basinett as the one I had was just 'not right' lol. I spent sooo much money
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