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Belly Button Blood Lock Rss

Hi there

I have a 7 week old girl and have had no problems with her belly button at all. This morning we just woke up to find a little ball of blood that is some how still attached to the belly button. We washed her to see if it would fall off but it is still there. Just a little bit of blood on the top of her nappy but just wondering if anyone else has had this. It has been nearly 6 weeks since the cord has fallen off. Might go to the doctors if it doesn't move.

Charli's mum

Hi there

I had some problems with my daughters belly button but it was bleeding a fair bit after the cord fell off. My doc just fave me some alcohol swabs to clean it with and its cleared up now-still gets a bit mucky but no bleeding. (she is 5 weeks old now)

I would just go to the doc or health nurse and see what they think-if its not all red around her belly button chances are its not infected but you dont want it to go that way so best to get it checked i say!

Sorry im not too much help!
Good luck

Kathryn - Zack-4, Toby-2 & Molly 1

i know this is a later post, so the problem may have gone by now.
But my little girl had this at Week 5 of age & I took her to the GP (for a general checkup) & I mentioned it to him - he said it was 'granulated tissue' which he advised me to put some salt on it for 30sec's & then clean and dry it. It cleared up after 2days.
Not sure if this is what your bub has - so I reccommend not doing anything without getting it checked out by a GP.
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