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Boys & Bath Lock Rss

Hi Guys,

Ok .. call me paranoid but I just had to ask. Bub will be 3 months old tomorrow. However, we had the occassional wee in the Bath. This usually happens when temp. outside is cold and water in bath is oh so warm that he'll instantly wee.

It's not traumatising but MIL said his wee is not "dirty/toxic" & we should just continue on cleaning him in the bath. DH & I are unsure so whenever that happens, we just had to get rid of the water in the Bath to start a fresh one again.

Is MIL correct about this? I just wanted to confirm this. Thanx in advance for the advice Guys.
we have never worried about it, mayb got the bath over and done with quicker, but otherwise we have not bothered, and our baby has been very healthy (hoping it stays that way!)


Liam Evan, 2

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