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Steriliser Lock Rss

Can someone help me - I have an Avent steriliser and have been cleaning it with white vinegar, I emailed AVENT but no response.. HELP!!
Hey Jeni X

Do you have the automatic steriliser or the microwave one? i have the automatic one you just turn on and my husband read on the packet when we opened it that you dont need to clean it out with the product they give you nor anything else as australian water dosnt have a component in it to become dirty as the bottles are make in the UK they must. I wipe mine out with a paper towel but thats about it.

Hope that helped a little

I just use the citric acid sachets that came with my Avent electric steriliser, though will just use white vinegar when the sachets run out. I think you can use white vinegar to clean anything these days!!!
i have the microwave one & just pop it thru the dishwasher. From memory, instructons say to wash with hot soapy water, then rinse.

YOu should be able to view/download the instruction manual online.
I used to clean it with white vinigar and put an empty cycle on every now n then with my first born but this time round my avent (electric) has been lucky to get rinsed with tap water and air dry.

god i feeling bad now - but i only use it to do the dummies this time!
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