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what size clothes was your newborn in? Lock Rss

ive held back on buying heaps of newborn size clothes (0000) just incase bubz doesnt fit them for very long or at all. but now im a bit confused as to get more or not. my friend had an 8pound6 baby and he was in newborn clothes for 3 months, but i know some people who have smaller babies who dont fit newborn clothes.

so my question is how much did your newborn weigh? and how long did they fit newborn size for?
My little girl was 3.5 kg and she wore size 0000 for about a month. She only stayed in 000 a couple of months before she was onto 00, so I'd suggest not buying alot of 000. Hope that helps smile

My girls were 7lb 3oz and 7lb 2oz and both of them were in 00000 for a good few weeks before moving into 0000 smile
My bub was 9lb 4oz & 48.5cm long and was in 0000 at birth but they didnt fit her for very long at all (probably about 2 weeks). Especially the bonds suits as they seem to be a smaller fit compared to other brands. She was in 00 by 8 weeks and now at 15 weeks she is into the bonds size 0 but can still fit into some of the size 00 of other brands. I reckon the feetless (or footless?lol) jumpsuits are the best as babies tend to outgrow the length before anything else.

I wasnt sure what size she would be at birth and didnt have any hand me downs so I bought a few of every size. In hindsight i wasted my money as now i have drawers of clothes too small for her. I wished I had only got 000 and it wouldnt have mattered if they were a bit too big for her as she grew into them very quickly.
DD1 was 7lbs 2oz & she was in 00000 for a couple of weeks, then 0000's for a month or so, then so on.

DD2 was 5lbs 12oz & was in 'tiny prem' from Pumpkin Patch for 3 weeks, 'prem' for 2 weeks, 00000 for 2 weeks, 0000 for 3 weeks & now is in 000's.

Its a hard one, the best thing is you can buy clothes as there needed. We had a few 0000 and bigger sizes and all 3 of my boys have been 00000 for atleast 2wks, so this time ill be taking 00000 and 0000, but we will just buy them as there needed this time around as were having a lil girl yeah. Good luck with the clothes and your pregnancy/birth
My DS was 4.4kg (9pound 10oz) born and was in 000 in jumpsuits/growsuits, as he was quiet long. But in shirts and shorts he was in 0000 and lasted about 6 weeks. He kind of skipped 000 in everything else and went to 00 and lasted a few months...


All of my babies wore 000, and I never bought anything smaller than that. I had a few items that were given to me that were 0000, but didn't get any use out of them.

DS 8lb 7 - 52cm - lasted in 000 until 12 wks
DD1 9lb 15oz - 54cm - lasted in 000 for 4 wks
DD2 7lb 14oz - 56cm - lasted in 000 for 8 wks

If they had of been in 0000 they wouldn't have been in them for very long at all. I prefer to save my $ and use 000 that may be a little big in the first weeks, but will last longer than 0000 or smaller. BUT it does depend on the size & length of your bubs.

My DS was 4.51kg and 53.5cm. He was in 000 for about 3-4 weeks. He was also wearing 00 at this time. He is now 6.5mths and in 0-1.

I definitely wouldn't buy too much 0000, if any, unless you know you're having a tiny baby.
0000 clothes fit my baby for about 2 days after we got out of hospital lol. Now he is in 000, not sure for how long but they have lasted a lot longer than the 0000 clothes so far. he was 4.1kgs and 51.5cm at birth.
DD1 was really small (2.4kg) so took forever to get into 0000 let alone grow out of it.

DD2 was born 3.45kg so average weight but was quite short at 47cm so she was in 00000 for a few weeks and 0000 for 4 months. She is now 7 1/2 months and is just starting to wear 00.
DD was 8lbs and 54cm at birth. She basically went straight into 000 (wondersuits at first then when we started using other types of clothes it just made sense to stick with the 000 rather than only getting a week or two's wear out of 0000 clothes). She stayed in them for about 3-4 months. With DD its been more her length that changes clothing sizes rather than the weight. Most of her clothes swim on her weight wise but she needs the extra length of the next size up (she can still fit 00 clothes for waist measurements but needs size 1-2 clothes for length.)

DS on the other hand was 6lbs 11oz and 50cm at birth. He spent the first 4 weeks in 00000 (0000 wondersuits though) and is still in 0000 for everything except wondersuits (000 in them).

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