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Bath Time !! Lock Rss

lol my son only gets a bath every few days. sometimes 4days. he doesnt exactly get dirty. and its cold smile
I've bathed/showered my kids every night since they were born. It's there routine and it really helps them settle. There's only the odd occasion that they haven't and it messed up there routine. When DS was first born my mum said when we were babies we were bathed morning and night. It would of been mayhem, but i wouldn't be able to go 4 days without showering them.

grin mother of a 21 month old and 3 month old, I bath them both together every second night/late afternoon before the dinner time chaos, its a great bonding time for them both and i know what and where each of them are, the eyes in the back of my head then get a break lol. My 21mth old just plays a little bit longer while i'm dressing my 3mth old in the bathroom, its really up to you how often and what suites your routine
we do a bath every second night, and top and tail in between. DS2 enjoys being in the bath, but not the before and after parts! thats the hard thing about having a baby in winter!

i like to minimise the number of baths anyway for them until they are much older as i find it dries out their sensitive skin. DS1 had eczema so we used to do his baths every third night until his eczema cleared up at around 5 months.

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