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Q for those who had summer babies....... Lock Rss

Hey girls,

Wanting to start stocking up on some clothes for bub to be, but DS was a winter baby. I have NOOOO idea how to dress a summer baby! I'm assuming in hospital I should still use onesies (long ones) coz of the air conditioning? Do I use singlets still?? And once I'm home, what do I dress him/her in?? Also, what do they sleep in? Do they still need wrapping, etc? I live in Melbourne, so summer can be extremely hot, but can also have it's cooler moments. Thanks in advance! Winter babies are so much easier!! LOL

Hi my son was born in feb so was extreamly hot. we did have him in long bonds suits in hospital, when we were at home he wore his summer body suits with a singlet under but most of the time we woulds strip him off to his nappy and singlet. it is the worst time to have a baby and to be pregnant but i was lucky to get the end of it for ds. we wrapped him in muslin wraps

My second DD was born in early January... and it was hot hot hot! For hospital we had cotton suits (like a wondersuit but different fabric) and at home she was in singlets and nappies or short sleeve & legless (that sounds funny smile suits and we used muslin wraps which were great... nice and soft but still got that wrapped cosy effect. At night the temp still drops so we put a wondersuit on and the muslin wrap. We had four 0 stuff and a few three 0, she grew pretty quickly so was out of the four 0 within a month. My advice would be to not buy too much.
When in Summer are you due? Both my girls are December babies. In hospital I dressed them in a short sleeve body suit and then a bonds suit and then wrapped them, and popped a hat on them. We are in Melbourne also. I found that they wore jumpsuits for the first few weeks and when it got really hot they had either a short sleeve body suit on, or just a nappy and singlet. Being summer babies they didn't like to be wrapped for long because it was too hot, so I just tucked them into the bassinette with a sheet and then a light blanket over the top if needed.
DS was a December baby. In hospital (it wasn't really cold) I had a singlet and a short onesie on him but he was wrapped so was nice and snug. At home he was mainly in a singlet and nappy and wrapped in a muslin wrap. We have air-con so if it was on of a night he would have a singlet and a short onesie on and wrapped in muslin with a cotton blanket over him.

I am in Sydney and we do have the odd cool day and night so I did have a few long all in one's just in case.

Happy shopping!
Hey, I'll be having a summer baby too. But Ive never been a Mum before so I'll be clueless whether its summer or winter, haha.
I live in Perth and the summer months are just absolutely ridiculous, especially when its over 40 degrees 3 days in a row, arghh.
Im thinking the little bub will prob be in singlets and nappies most of the time. We've bought quite a few of those legless and sleeveless bodysuits too.
Ive also started to buy winter stuff for the bub in like size 0 and 1 for next winter.

I used to use the all in one bonds singlets and muslin wraps through the day and the light all in one's when we went to the shops or in air conditioning and at night.

Cool thanks heaps ladies smile At least I have some idea now!! Guess I'll be learning again as I go along too! I'm due end of Jan, so pretty much smack bang in the middle of summer!! Should be getting at least another month of hot weather after bubs is born! sad So not looking forward to being heavily pregnant at that time!!!! tongue

Amelia was born at the end of October, and just as we brought her home a heat wave struck 40+ for a few weeks, so she basically lived in just a nappy, or nothing!!! She sweated so much, at night she would have a short bonds suit with nothing underneath and a VERY thin wrap. But then at Christmas time (6wks ish), we had a cold snap, so I had to rush out and buy warm clothes (which was really hard as it was out of season). I suggest don't buy too much, most people love to give clothes as gifts, so just buy a few outfits and see what you get! smile

Should be getting at least another month of hot weather after bubs is born! So not looking forward to being heavily pregnant at that time!!!!

we have 2 summer babies.. argh.. 19th Jan & 4th Feb... how dumb am i??? haha
you already got all the good advice about clothes, but my advice is to introduce yourself to ~
ahhh bliss when you are heavily preggo & dont feel like eating too much, feel like crap cause its so hot & you cant get cool!
DS was born late December. The hospital provided clothes while we were there - singlets, short sleeve onesies, cloth nappies and flannel (I think) wraps. Don't forget, in the hospital, bub will pretty much always be held or wrapped, so you don't want to over dress him. We just packed a matinee jacket (little cardi) in case he got cold.

At home, DS was often in a singlet and nappy or sleeveless onesie or short sleeve onesie and we used muslin wraps. On a cooler night, we'd use a jersey wrap.
DD2 was born early December and pretty much lived in singlet suit type things and little dresses all summer. I found with the singlets and nappies, the singlet would ride up and when I went to pick her up we'd be sweating all over each other so I found the singlet suits more useful. She wore thin cotton all in ones to bed and was wrapped in a muslin wrap.
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