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i have an attention seeker Lock Rss

hi, my baby boy is 2mths he thrives on attention if hes left for any longer than 5min on his own without being talked to he will start crying then when i go over he starts smiling and laughing at me which i think hes made a game out of it now, i spend alot of time with him so i think i may have encouraged it so now i need some advice on how i can get him to be without the attention.
i have play gyms for him, musical swing chair, mobiles, other musical toys but they only entertain him for so long im finding it hard to get things done.

At this age 5 minutes is like hours . Babies need interaction and the best thing for vtheir development is interaction with people!! I have a 2yr old and an 8 week old so I know what its like not getting time for anything. All I seem to do is entertain kids and washing lol! It will get better but my advice for now is just spend time with him. If its something that cant wait pop him in a sling/carrier and get him to do it with you.

Mumma to DD1 Jan 04 and DD2 Mar 06

Hi Simone, I agree with acmumma. Give hime all the attention you can muster, as this will help with his development. Though, if you are finding you need a little break, here are some tips.

Extend the time you leave him little by little.
Make sure he has only a few toys to entertain him. Too many toys and he will not be able to focus on one thing.
Work out what is his favourite and use this for when you need a break.

Keep in mind that at 8 weeks his independance is almost non exsistant, but it gets better and better with age.
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