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My baby has developed an allergic reaction to all johnsons proucts and i live in a small town where shops are limitied and we only have a few different brands of baby products, i have looked everywhere for huggies baby wash and lotion as its designed for eczma and sensitive skin. Does anyone know where you can buy it?
I think the Huggies bath wash and lotion have been discontinued. DD has bad eczema and dermatologist has recommended for us to use oats in her bath rather than baby wash. I buy the homebrand rolled oats at woolies. i put 2 tablespoons in a knee high stocking and soak in water for 20 minutes before DD's bath. have you tried dermaveen eczema cream, you can normally buy from chemist?
You can also try using emulsifying ointment, that works really well for DD. You can also buy this from the chemist
My hairdresser has designed her own range on baby skincare and you can get it from baby zone direct.

I use it on my baby who reacts to johnsons.

Here is the link to purchase or look at, she is still developing her own website, it is a bit expensive but works

There are other products too like moisturiser and hair styling products, i use the bath wash and moisturiser on my baby

You can always shop online for organic products? Also there are some all natural products available at coles and woolies.
thankyou so much for your help, i did go to the chemist and they spoke about dermaveen, I might try the oats and also look into that website.
I did buy organic baby products but they smelt really strong of lavender and reacted with his skin.
I was lucky enough to find a shop that still selling huggies so i bought all the last of the stock should get me through for a while!
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