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How can I unblock his nose??? Lock Rss

DS has a blocked nose and I don't know how to get it out lol...

I don't want to risk pushing it further up there but he is making an awful lot of noise breathing through his nose and sometimes stops for a sec and opens his mouth...

any tricks to getting those pesky boogers out??

Nasal spray(saline sparay) softens the mucus which helps with blocked nose and also use a "snot sucker" im not sure what there actually called but thats wat i call it.
My bub has only this week gotten over a cold and a really bad blocked nose, i just went to the chemist and bought the fess nasal spray for babies, i got the one that comes with the little booger sucker lol (thats what i call it) and id just spray his nose with the nasal spray the suck them out with the little sucker you get with it.

good luck smile
I think the technical term might be an aspirator??
But I love ours! DD2 has been sick for so dang much of her life, it's been an essential!! I really need two of the things!

dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in half a cup of luke warm water and put a couple of drops down his nose - you will have to tip him head down for a bit to get the drops to the back of his nose smile
If your BF squirt some of your milk up there smile

I used to use this - brilliant.

Nose Frida
Get some Fess Little Noses saline drops, or there's another brand called Narium - same thing but cheaper and I find the dropper easier to use.

I'm not sure you can use sprays in newborns, the nasal sprays are for older children and adults.
Poor baby sad If you get the nasal sprays or droppers, just make sure it's only normal saline....the medicated ones can make baby's delicate nasal passages swollen, red & sore sad And the snot sucker is GREAT!!!! Unfortunately, there's not much else you can do for a newborn - I hope it clears up really soon xx

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