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Amount of milk a 6wk should be having in a bottle Lock Rss

Hi, I'm a new mum n i'm wanting to express some milk for my 6wks old son. Does anyone know how much he should be having each feed????
As always it comes down to your baby and it also depends on whether they drink it all up or just drink enough to get them by until their next breastfeed. From memory to calculate it you multiply the baby's weight by 150 then divide it by the average number of feeds per day eg. 4kg x 150 / 5 feeds = 120ml EBM.
I was given this site by another mum here, it helped me when I was going back to work and DS was having EBM


I read somwehere it was 90-100ml milk per kilo bodyweight. So a 5 kilo baby would need 500 ml milk per day.
I was expressing aprox 120ml at that age. My son is now 4months and I express aprox 200ml and he generally drinks about 150-180ml at a time and he is aprox 5.5 to 6kgs
As far as amount check the back of the formula mixes when next in the baby aisle at the shops, but dont take it as gospel - bub will let you know...

If you are nursing and expressing at the same time it might be worthwhile waiting a few more weeks, I had oversupply from trying to express for later and still feeding. Bub had explosive poo and generally unsettled. It wasnt until my 4th baby that I solved this mystery! After baby and boobs were in a better routine (about 10 weeks) I started expressing again and this time it made no difference to bub!


my little one is almost 7 weeks & I have been expressing, I get anywhere from 120ml-210ml. most of the time it's about 150ml & he drinks all of that but he is a very hungry little guy. but I do tend to get more at night time & less during the day.
good luck with it all. smile
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