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babies love to be swaddled (wrapped firmly)...well mine does anyway smile helps if she is fussing with a feed, to sleep longer and helps her to settle
Join a playgroup or mothers group, you will need the adult conversation!!

Join a playgroup or mothers group, you will need the adult conversation!!

I think I need to do this one soon, i'm starting to forget how to talk like a normal person and everything is in a high pitch excited baby voice lol

Thanks for the pre made lunch tip, DD loves helping herself to the fridge, but this will give me some element of control if I can't go and help her!

Oooo, I love that pre made lunch tip smile Will have to remember that one! My tips would be:
* to not forget yourself

* go easy on yourself, you DO know what is best

* breathe

* white noise is a life saviour!!

* don't stress too much about what the books say - babies don't read the books, no-one has told them what they should do, everything is instinctual. Just enjoy your baby while you can.

* don't clock watch too much either - again, babies don't understand time. Refer back to tip #2! wink

I love the cut lunch idea as well. will have to remember that one for boob #2.

I also recommend the whole try not to stress. I was so stressed about our move that as soon as we got to our new city (over 2000km away) that i was so relaxed. that boob slept her first full night.

Some of my tips.

Dont stress about a routine, you'll expect to much from them. They let you know what they want there routine to be eventually

A friend gave this one to me. Instead of singulets use body suites. either singlet suits, Tshirt suits. that way the don't ride up and for girls this looks so much nicer under dresses.

Also from my friends. If your getting stressed about bub crying, place them in there cot, there safe and walk away for a few minutes. a baby never died from crying? and as my grandmother use to say. It is the only exercise that they really get.

and my last hint. if your bf and you want to or you were recommended to put bub on formula. You are not by any stretch of the emanation letting yourself, your family and your bub down. You have done the best you can for the time that you could and they can only move forward not backwards.

I hope that this helps some new mums

Good luck with everything.
These are all great tips!

I love the one about putting the blanket under their head, wish I had heard that when my babies were younger!!

Some tips I got by various people;

- Be kind to each other, it will be stressful in the beginning

- It is normal for all babies to have one unsettled period each day, and one unsettled day per week; there is nothing wrong with what you are doing it is normal!!

- Totally agree, dont stress about a routine. If you get them into it, great! But if it doesn't straight away don't stress.

- Don't listen to everyone else. Accept advice, take what you need and throw the rest away! Everybody does the job differently and you will work out what is best for and your family!

- People LOVE to prey on first time mums! No matter what you do someone will judge you for it or want to put their two cents worth in. Forget about them, at the end of the day it's your family and thats all that matters!!

- Definately chat to other mums as much as you can.

- There is a world of info, and support out there, dont be afraid to use it!

- If it is possible use your bedroom like a hospital room for the first week, to just enjoy bub and bond. Forget the housework they dont care if its a mess!

Everyone tells you this and it can be the hardest thing to do because as soon as baby sleeps, you want to be up doing things - cleaning the house, making meals, etc - but, seriously, if you don't, then you just drop from sheer exhaustion!

In those early days, you never know when baby will sleep or be awake - I fell asleep a number of times while BFing and was very glad that I never dropped the baby!!! At one point, I had DH stay up with me when I was BFing, just to keep me awake!

If I were to do it again, I'd definitely treat the first few weeks like a hospital stay! Stay in bed as much as you like, get meals brought to you, don't do any housework (if, however, a messy house stresses you out like it did me, then just keep one room really tidy, and go to that room to relax!)

I also agree with everyone's opinions on routines and trying to do what the books say. I had too much knowledge for my own good - and only got upset and frustrated when my beautiful baby didn't seem to follow the routine set out in the book! In the end, we worked out our own routine...which changes as they get older anyway; so as always, do what works for you!

Don't stress about what you're body looks like after you've spent 9 months carrying a baby! If you are incredibly lucky, you might look "normal" again within weeks; but my experience is that most of us look as though we're still hiding a 5 month gestation baby in utero for the first 3 months, but everything does eventually go back to it's original size (or thereabouts!).

Finally, YES! Enjoy your baby - they really do only stay tiny for the shortest amount of time!!!
Wow these are great tips happy !

Im not a mum yet(3 weeks to go) and I thought id have a little look at this forum to see what some mums are going through.


Good luck with the birth and enjoy your last few weeks without children go and pamper yourself and please have a nice kid free lunch with some friends for me lol!

Hi there,

would love to but I just went to my anntinatel appointment and they said im being induced next wednesday tongue and i have so much to do!!!

What great tips.

All i have is Take care of YOU, Get sleep when bubs sleeps.

Let dad take over when he can.

Take care everyone
My biggest tip: get out of the house at least twice a week
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