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Slings and newborns.. Lock Rss

How good/easy are slings for Breastfeeding? Particularly newborns/younger babys.

I've never owned one (I was actually given one recently) and I know I'm going to need to use it quite often as I still have no pram for a little while and I know with a new bub I'll be BFding on demand which might not always be convenient tongue

Also, are they comfortable? I've never been comfortable carrying my kids around with baby carriers, are the slings any different?

Honestly I found a sling to be really uncomfortable. But I get sore shoulders all the time, and I have a big baby (4.1kgs at birth).I have an ergo baby carrier which is the best by far (that I have used anyway, and I have tried a few different types). I found the sling was good for when I was going out to lunch or eating cos it holds bubs in a good position on your lap without too much pressure on your shoulders and BF with it is easier than a pouch. But i havent used mine in a while cos it just hurts too much.
I never mastered it. I used a sling a few times, but had to stop because I have a weak back. (I went to the docs the other day about it, and apprently I have saggy kneecaps. Saggy belly, saggy boobs, saggy hoo ha, saggy butt, saggy upperarms I expected- but kneecaps???)

I prefer the baby bjorn. It's much easier. I never breast fed in that, though I do feed on demand smile DD went long in the bjorn without a feed, I think because she felt happy and cozy and content.

I'm holding onto the sling, it'll be handy still I suppose.

At around 5.5kgs, she was too heavy for the bjorn, so I now use an ergo.

If you do get a sling, consider a breeze baby smile (unless you live somewhere really cold.) I got mine from a nz site, and it worked out much cheaper then getting it in aus.
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