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[size="3"][font="Comic Sans MS"]I heard this morning that someone suggested they make formula prescription only. personally I was so angry when I heard it, mothers have enough guilt put on them to breastfeed as it is. there are lots of reasons why some mothers have to use formula (they can't breastfeed, no milk supply, baby isn't putting on weight, medical problems etc.) not to mention that it is ment to be a choice!
I feel like this is a big slap in the face to anyone who has ever had problems breastfeeding.[/size]

[size="2"]sorry needed to vent.[/font][/size]
I read that article this morning and i got angry. I hate people who try and tell women want to do. "breastfeeding should be law" it gets me really worked up. I think that if a women has come up with this idea, she must be a blissfully happy, who can breastfeed no worries and is not paying attention to the world around her...sorry it just works me up.
I would have slapped them if it was said around me!!!

I took me weeks to get over not BF...I had practically no milk & DD just wasn't interested in the boob. I was stressed, crying all day every day for a few weeks.
Then my OB (who is much older & pro BF), said to me a happy mum is the most important thing for bub, so if BF is making you this upset & DD is happy with the bottle...its a simple decision!

That said I am going to attempt BF with this bub, but if its not working, i'll switch to formula again.
I heard this as well this morning and was angry.

Lets put more pressure on the GP's, like the waiting time isn't long enough now.

Bloody ridiculous! gggrrrrr
wow that is really messed up..

I had a bad problem of never being able to get bubby to latch on or to be able to feeed her for the duration she needed and I felt so useless because of it, i was stressed and was constantly upset over it and the best thing I ever did was put her onto formula.

But like you ladies have said like there isn't enough pressure from medical experts pressuring you to breastfeed then they want to suggest for you to wait all bloody day everytime you run out of formula, it's stupid grrr >.<
I to heard this on sunrise and got angry that someone could even think that.But thank goodness the AMA does not support it

I got angry much so that I was yelling at the TV LMAO....DF totally agreed with me too as he's seen what I've gone through myself with the guilt etc over breast feeding.

I did breastfeed all my 4 kids for varying amounts of time and switched to formula for different reasons for each child, but it didn't make the guilt any less. DD1 fed for 3.5mths until she bit me...somehow I just couldn't get my milk to let down after that cos she bit hard enough to draw blood with her 1st tooth sad....tried every brand of formula with her but she couldn't tolerate any of them so she went onto diluted cows milk and Dr's advice...and thrived.

DD2 fed for 3 weeks before I switched over as I didn't have enough supply. I didn't bond very well with her after having had a M/C and falling within 6wks....ended up with PND on top of the guilt over no milk supply.She absolutely thrived on formula though and was a much more settled baby so I don't regret making the change.

DS1 fed for nearly 5mths until he totally refused the breast so on to formula he went. Turns out I was 13wks along with DS2 and the taste of my milk had changed.

DS2 fed exclusively for 10 days, EBM and breast for 7 days, breast and formula top ups for another 4mths, then onto formula. DS2 was diagnosed with a heart condition at 9 days and the stress of him being in the Cardiac Close Observation ward for a week really knocked my supply around so we had to give him top ups of formula to try and keep his weight up whilst the Cardiologists got his heart medications stabilised. Once home we still had the weight gain issue so until we got into a routine of what worked for DS2 I fed him and topped him up if needed.

Honestly I think the Dr spouting this garbage has no f*^&$%#$ idea of how bloody hard breastfeeding can be or the depths of the guilt mother's feel about not being able to/not wanting to...for whatever reason.

And as for suggesting formula only be available on prescription from your GP??? What a load of bullshit!! Some GP's are almost impossible to get into in an emergency as it is......what the hell is the mother to do if she has a newborn that she can't feed herself eg no supply, latching problems etc and she can't get into her GP for up to a week????????????? Is she supposed to let her child starve cos she can't get into a Dr for something that should NEVER need a prescription in the first place!! Food is a neccesity of life and should be freely available, not controlled by the bloody government gggrrr

Stupid cow has no bloody idea pppffffttt

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

it's frustrating isn't it!!

I mean just on the best of days it takes me about 2 hrs just to be seen for 1 minute! now imagine having to do that every single bloody time you needed formula
More than frustrating!! The people that come up with these stupid ideas have no idea what it's like trying to get a simple GP appointment these days....mind you it's been bad for years so it's not a recent thing having trouble getting into a GP.

I'm lucky that I've got a GP just around the corner that I can get into in a hurry and at short notice if needed Monday - Saturday, Sunday is a problem though cos we have to travel further to a 24hr clinic, but our family GP is only on half days Monday-Friday and every 2nd Saturday morning so you need to book at least 1 week ahead. The only time I can get in to see her at short notice is if DS2 is sick because of his heart condition...if he's crook enough for his heart rate to start elevating my GP will take us straight in ahead of the entire waiting room.

Other friends and family have problems getting in within a 2 week period sometimes....imagine if a new mum had to wait that long for a script????

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

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