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Stupid opinions voiced Lock Rss

We got onto the topic of labour at my DP's work this morning and one of his Co-workers stood up and said that labout doesnt really hurt, its just all in your head. I was so close to bashing him it wasnt funny. Personally i thought it hurt like hell. And he doesnt know why they invented pain relief for that kind of thing, cos if you really thought about it it doesnt hurt at all. I feel really sorry if he ever finds a woman to have a baby with, i would near kill him if my DP said that to me during labour.

What kind of idiodic things have you been told by a male lately.
kick him in the nuts..see how he feels after it smile
Dear Lady

That is why women were made to give birth! Men just could not handle the whole pregnancy & birth thing.

They can't even cope with a cold!

As for stupid things they say a tradie last night was on about driving.

If there were no women drivers, the roads would be much safer cos women cause accidents by doing stupid things which makes men crash. The women don't know they've caused an accident cos they've already left.


kick him in the nuts..see how he feels after it smile

Good reply. Like it. ROFL
OH MY GOD... I hate males sometimes lol not really just ones that say stuff like that, thats made me cranky now. lol. stupid idiot.
men can be complete tossers sometimes..

I had one guy though when i was in the doctors waiting room whilst i was pregnant say " you know I really appreciate what you women do to keep this world going I don't understand how you ladies can go through so much indescribeable pain and still soldier on afterwards. " and i was like gasp.

But other than that lol no they are not put on this world to give birth cause there is no way in hell they could tolerate it. My boyfriend acts like he is dying just having a little cold..imagine pregnancy! my god what a nightmare
During sex ed at school one of the guys goes oh you girls have it easy what a tool.

During sex ed at school one of the guys goes oh you girls have it easy what a tool.

HAHAHA i would trade places for a week every month!! and see how easy it is.

When i was pregnant with my DD i was a the doctors surgery with my DS then 18months, this old man stood up, looked at me and said "I see you dont own a tv" WTF???
Men in general have no idea... I was chatting to DH's friend, I said - did you hear we're having a big one, and he replied - from the look of you, i'd wanna hope so... I wanted to hurt him so bad after that. I just don't know why they feel they have the right to comment. They don't have to go through what we do, and until they do, i think they should keep their opinions to themselves!

*bangs head on keyboard* wacko GAH men can be so silly sometimes!

That really made me cranky, i think you did well to keep your cool and not reach across teh room and throtle him!!!! angry
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