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Premmie babies Lock Rss

OMG sorry bout all the replies lol,i didnt realise until i came on here this morn,my computer was playing up lastnite!
My lil man just arrived 6 weeks prem. He was a good size at 2.5 kgs or 5 pound 8. He spent 19 days in special care. The first 3 were in a humiddi then to an open cot but still hooked up to monitors, then after a few days he was allowed to just have a breathing monitor. Then at corrected age of 36 weeks he was allowed to just be in the cot without any monitors. He had a tube for 2 weeks and was fed a combo of tube, boob and bottle after he was out of the humiddi.
He is now 7 weeks old and is doing really well. Last week he was 3.8kgs and im expecting him to be about 4kgs tomorrow.
I was told to go off his EDD for all his milestones.
But he is already lifing his head well and has already rolled over 3 times because he can lift his head up so high. So i hope he wont have any problems with development smile
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