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where do i sit the newborn? Lock Rss

So I know i'm only 12 weeks, but I need to work out how to arrange carseats. DS1 is 3 and has a Maxi Rider, while DS2 is 20 months and has been in the carseat since he was a newborn. He's currently seated in the middle. We'll be getting DS2 a Maxi Rider aswell in a few months, if it'll fit, it should.
Do I put the newborn in the middle or side. Or do I buy DS1 a standard booster seat, so it'll be easier to get the baby out of the middle.

Thanks in advance
Hi hun! COngrats! We have DD1 will be 3.5years, DD2 will be 1.5years and then DD3 will be a newie. At the moment. DD1 sits behind the passenger seat and DD2 sits behind the drivers seat. When DD3 comes along DD1 will move into the middle as she climbs into the car and into her seat on her own anyway so there will be no lifting etc necessary on that front so that is what I would recomment. She also has a normal booster seat which she uses with a H-Harness and as our car is older, we only have a lap belt in the middle which will work better for her seat anyway. Good Luck! It is so super stressful trying to work it all out!!! xo
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