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Car seat installation?? Lock Rss

Ok, so I've been assured by a midwife at the hospital that we do not have to have capsule professionally fitted before we take bubs home, yet so many folks tell me that it's essential or even the law to have it fitted by a registered fitter. But I have nieces and nephews and I've personally had to fit child car seats half a dozen times - changing cars, cleaning the seats etc. My husband and I are not half-wits and can follow instructions and I plan to be pretty darn conscientious about checking that it's in correctly... Is it really necessary to have someone else with a bit of paper do it?
Personally if you have a fitter near you get it done professionally. Apparently the statistics are something like 80% of ppl have their car seat fitted wrong....

Apologies for my replies, hope they make sense. I am usually typing one handed or interrupted halfway through wink

Its not illegal not to get your car seat fitted properly. It is a good idea to get it done though.
I made sure I had it fitted professionally the first time to ensure I was then doing it right if I had to move it. I also had it redone when I got new seats for the same reason. For the very small amount of money it was definitely worth my peace of mind.
We fitted ours ourselves and it's secure. The hospital didn't check it thoughh - only asked that we had one in the car.

Having said that, I was told that some places will install them for free, so I would look that up. I think it was the ambulance service.
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