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Hey, bub is 11 days old, we were getting some photos done before, she was on her tummy and when I went to pick her up I accidentally pressed on her throat with one of my fingers, she made a little choking noise and now I'm really really worried I could have damaged her throat?? Is it possible???
Hi hun

They are more resilient that we think. If she is drinking & breathing fine, I wouldn't worry.

I know it is freaking you out, think most of us on here have had those moments.

Keep an eye on her. If you are really worried, take her to the hospital or ring them first for advice.

But in all honesty, she's probably just fine. grin
no need to worry! if something was still upsetting her then she'll let you know.

you'd be surprised how strong these little bubs are, if you cant seem to stop worrying then the doc won't mind confirming she's alrite for you.

no harm in just a checkup!
i know how you are feeling.... when my last one was 3 weeks old i forgot to click the handle of the car seat and walked out the door with him hanging forwards (like straight up and down) I cried and cried for ages.... then went to my mums place and told her and cried again.... he was fine and slept through it all.....

with my daughter i did the same thing(you would have thought i would have learnt) but i got such a fright and she ended up in the supermarket trolley up side down.... still strapped in her car seat...
again i cried.... and took her to the doctor because she actually had a wee fall into the trolley
She seems ok. she's been asleep pretty much since 3 (amen cos she's been cranky and crying on and off for a few hours earlier this afternoon, woke up for a nappy change and feed at about 7, drained both breasts and passed out! LOL

she's been doing her usual squeaks and grunts while she's asleep too, I think she's ok. Thanks for your help - I'm a worry wart Mummy!
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