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Toddler & Baby Lock Rss

I only got home yesterday and my toddler lover the baby always wants to cuddle him and help with everything, but this morning I had a shower and when I come out he was rocking the bassinet quiet quickly and the babies head was rolling from side to you think this could have hurt him? I had a major freak out and cried for ages. Now I'm just so nervous and not sure what to do...any suggestions? I'm fine when we are all wake and he is gentle etc but worried he will do the thing with the bassinet again and or drop/through things in on his head. Not something I was really prepared for!
Hiya, I wouldn't imagine any damage has been done but if you're really worried you could see you gp. Babies are alot tougher than we think!!

When I have a shower I put my baby in the bouncer and pop him on the floor in the bathroom so I can see him and usually my daughter jumps in the shower with me or just plays on the bed, this way you can keep an eye on them/hear what they are up to smile
Oops double
I agree to take bubs into the bathroom with you or have the toddler in the shower with you, its hard juggling two at first but it gets easier smile

Your lucky if thats the only thing your toddler does to the baby! i had a challenging time with my daughter when my son was born, she was so jealous & nasty towards him,any chance she got to doink him over the head with a toy or object she would, i originally had the car seats next to each other in the car but that quickly changed the day i was driving and bubs started crying so i pulled over to find she had scratched him several times on the face so badly he was bleeding all over! sad she also went backwards with her toilting when my son was born,going from no accidents in months & completley TT to having sevral accidents and refusing to use the toilet, it was a nightmare of a time in the early days but around the 8-10week mark after his birth with lots of attention to her and getting her to help with everything she came good and now loves her brother *most* of the time LOL now he is crawling and can get into her stuff she sometimes snatches stuff of him & claims 'mine' but doesnt intentionally hurt him anymore and smoothers him in kisses & cuddles wub

it will take a few weeks for him to adjust to his sibling but once he knows the boundaries with what he is and isnt aloud to do with bubs it should get easier smile goodluck!
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