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Burping Lock Rss

DS is a bit hard to burp sometimes.

Just wondering if there is, and what is the most effective way to get them to bring up wind?

I usually just put him on my chest and pat his back. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt.

And should you pat or rub their back?
My son had horrible reflux and colic. I would sit for up to an hour to get all his wind up (arhhhh) I found holding him upright helped. Also try and stretch them out a bit, eg pull the legs up and down from the chest. Sometimes My son would also bring it up of i placed him on his belly after trying for ages. He was also on infacol drops to help bring the wind up. Good luck smile
I don't believe there is any ONE way to burp. Some ways work with some bubs that don't with others, it's trial and error.

You can sit them on your lap and rub in a clockwise direction and/or pat on their back. You could put bubs over your shoulder (make sure tummy isn't bent as that can make it hard for burps to escape) and pat or rub. Stubborn burps can be helped by laying bubs on your knee and rubbing or patting. Floating bubs in a warm bath is a good way to help get rid of the burps because the warmth relaxes the muscles.

You can use a combination. My friend breast feeds, so at night as part of bubs routine she feeds him in the bath and burps him in there. This way bubs is relaxed for bed and also she finds she gets all the burps out so bubs wont wake up with a sore tummy.

I think there is only one key thing to get them out and that's to make sure their tummy is straight. If you think of it like a straw, when it's straight the liquid can get out of the straw quickly and easily, when it's bent the liquid gets stuck and can't flow easily.

Good luck!

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

thanks for that.

i put him over my shoulder and again, it works sometimes and sometimes not. and same with sitting him upright on my lap. Its sooo frustrating when they dont burp!

I havent tried putting him on his stomach, i will try that.

And i always try and make sure that his stomach is stretched out.
I usually do the over the shoulder thing, but then I find if I lay DD#2 down and pat her tummy quickly and gently then lift her up over the shoulder again she'll do a big burp. I also sit her up and support her chin with one hand and rub her back with the other hand. Oh yeah and (thanks to DD#1's love of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) I sometimes follow Pete's advice (off MMCH) and pat 'top, top, bottom, bottom, middle, middle, middle!! laugh
I watched the dunstan baby language DVD and one of the methods she used was the sit their bottoms on one knee, support the head and back with both hands, and kind of rotate them left to right over the knee. Was very effective at dislodging those stuck bubbles. And was gentle, didn't feel like I was belting their little backs iykwim.
My DD is also hard to burp. I sit her on my knee and bounce her up and down for a little bit, then i pat her on the back and rub up. After that i put her over my sholder and give her a pat. I find that when i change her nappy after, if she kick, or i kick her legs back and forth (we have now made it a game) then i sit her up start and give er a pat on the back, big burps come out.

Also walking around the house works! gets the burps out good

I found not to sit them up as soon as they were finished. Leave them lying down for a min before sitting them up. Let everything settle. Then when I sat them up they would always burp. Just a matter of trial and error you need to find what work for your baby.

Good luck. It's hard work sometimes.

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