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Did you give your newborn Vitamin K? Lock Rss

We gave DS the injection. It's a one-off unlike the 3 oral doses and the most effective way to administer the vitamin K. He was feeding when the midwife gave it and the hep B and didn't even react - I guess a little needle has no comparison to being squished through the birth canal lol...
Mine were all given an injection soon after birth which I think was the Vitamin K, we decided to give to them all, it is all over with pretty quickly and is not only needle prick they will get while in hospital, as they do the heel prick test before they send you home.
DS was given his at birth through injection as well, like a PP said, the nurse gave it to him while he was feeding and he didnt even flinch! good luck with your decision smile xo

If you're not sure you could always opt for the oral dose and then if something traumatic happens at birth the injection can be given.
The injection is a much higher dose than the three oral doses and in the absence of any birth trauma such high doses don't seem to be necessary. There are also other factors like allowing the cord to stop pulsing that negates the need for such a high initial dose, again that might be something you can decide at the time - request that the cord stay attached, but if something happens to prevent that then make the decision after the birth based on what you know at the time.
I didnt but that was just the decision I came to. Instead I ate alfalfa sprouts and other- cant remember what- vitamin K rich foods before and after the birth and breastfeed.

Apparently you can make an alfalfa infusion for the baby too.

I remember the alfalfa because I had to eat lots.
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Both mine had the injection...but in saying that if I had my time over DS2 probably would have had oral doses, and if we ever had more children and the birth was fine, we'd probably decline altogether.

Yes. Because DS would be with either myself or DF at all times (Hosp policy), we decided it was better to give the injection than not.

Just read all the information you have. You will come to your own decision.

DS had it by injection! He was all good he is crying anyway when he first comes out LOL
injection quick and easy

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Both my kids had the injection too.
Can someone tell me why you wouldn't have it, is there some side effects to it, I have never heard anything bad about it and am now very curious. Thanks.
My baby will be having the vitamin K injection. I've heard this is better than the oral doses because you know exactly how much they are getting. If baby spits up after the oral doses then.. how much have they retained? If any..?

My midwife told me the only reason some choose the oral over the injection is because of that 'guilty' feeling parents feel they may experience when the baby crys.

As far as I'm aware there's no side effects for the Vitamin K.

However, I will be waiting 2 months until the first Hep B injection.
Both of our boys got by injection. I read up on it before i had them.

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