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how many boxes of the newborn nappy variety did you go through before getting the next one??

I cannot for the life of me remember how many i used!!

There is a sale on at toys r u s at the moment that is pretty good so I want to get the max amount of boxes I need.. I was thinking 2 or 3..
I went through 2 boxes and bubs was 3.45kg when born. I could have used the infant size earlier but wanted to use up the newborn.
i used 1 box and 1 packet so if you want to get multiple packs i'd get 1 newborn and the next size
ds was born at 3.74kgs
I used 5 boxes of newborn nappies for my boys and they were both 3.3kg born.

I used 3. DS was 3.33kg

I used 2, but DS lost weight til 4 weeks, once he started gaining he was only in them for a couple of days. He was 4.03kg born. I was provided a pack at the hospital that lasted us through the first week too.
i think i would have gone through 5 or 6 but bub stopped gaining weight around 2 1/2 months and didn't gain any till 5 months and then grew out of them. Every told me not to buy too many caus they don;t stay in them for long so I only bought 2 boxes. If she had of kept growing I'd say we probably would of went through 3-4. She was 3.2 born.
DS was born 3.14kg but was long and skinny. We went through about 8 boxes of newborn size nappies. He was in them until he was approx 5 months old. Even then they still fit him but they just weren't quite enough to hold in all of the moisture anymore. But my sister's son is just 5 weeks older than mine and she only went through 1.5 boxes of newborn size nappies. The boys were born at similar weights but my son was longer than hers. It just shows how different every baby is and how much these things can differ.
with DS1 I used one box and one packet and he was 4kgs and so I bought the same for DS2 and he was 4kgs too and so it worked out perfect by the time he'd used those he was ready to go bigger.
Thanks everyone.. think I might get two!

DS was 7lb 12oz (sorry not good with Kg) and Matilda was 8lb 12oz (I think this was 3.9kg).

Expecting another biggish bubba so will just get 2 grin
And if you have any extra's they make great nappy cakes!!!!
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