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Newborn screaming when he poos Lock Rss

My DS is almost 3 weeks old and he absolutely howls when he goes poo's is this normal? Not just when we are changing his diaper either, but when he's actually pooing. Its how we know we need to change him.

Formula fed babes sometimes get a little constipated. Just give a little cool, boiled water between feeds.
He's exculsively breastfed =( But thank you anyway

Sorry! Less common for bf babies! Perhaps something you're eating? I'd still go the boiled water and see if it makes a difference though - it certainly won't hurt him.
Every 3 or so hours generally just before or just after a feed, and runny with little lumps in them

DS used to do that at this age too. The CHN said if the poo was runny he wasn't constipated, but that some babies don't like the sensation of doing a poo, and have to get used to it. She said it was really common. He's grown out of it now smile

Congrats on your bub! smile

Constipation is all about the consistency of the poo, so your bub definitely isn't constipated smile

As pp have said, I do remember mine getting very distressed before pooing in the early days- getting used to the new sensations, I guess.

You could have a look at his anus, see if maybe it's red or irritated? Other than that, give your health nurse a ring, or if you're really concerned, take him for a check-up.

Good luck and enjoy your new addition smile
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